Is A Food Truck Right For You?

Food Truck

Is a food truck right for you?

Sure, making food for a living might sound like a dream come true, but do you know what being a food truck owner all entails?

Let us paint you a little picture…

As a food truck owner, you are not only going to have to cook every single day (okay, if you want to succeed in this industry, then you are probably going to have to keep your truck open at least six days a week during the busy season) but you are going to have to put in long hours at your truck as well. Not only that, but it can get pretty hot inside a food truck, especially when the summer heat is lurking its head — just in case you didn’t know.

On top of that, when you aren’t cooking or managing at your truck, you’re going to have to market your truck/business, whether it’s via social media, word of mouth or whatever it might be. You’re also going to have to go to the store to purchase your inventory, although this process is different based on what the owner decides to do. Things like permits, rules, laws and regulations are going to come into play, which means, just as an example, you won’t be able to park your food truck business anywhere you want and whenever you want.

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You’re going to have to bring proper food truck maintenance into play — you know, if you plan on your truck running like a champ for the long haul. You’re going to have to hire employees, train them and then manage them.

Plus, and this is a big one, you are going to have to risk quite a bit of money before you even enter the food truck industry. After all, a food truck is not cheap (but it is still typically less of a risk than purchasing a sit-down restaurant from a money standpoint, so there is that).

On top of all of that, you have to be business savvy if you plan on succeeding in this industry, for being an all-star cook is simply not going to be good enough, because you are literally running a business here.

We aren’t trying to discourage anyone — we are just trying to prepare you for the road ahead. With that said, everything we stated above (there are so many other duties and worries of a food truck owner, and sometimes it changes based on the business) might sound like a dream come true, and if that is the case … then a food truck business is, more likely than not, right for you. And if that is the case, then we will leave you with this: Go for it! The food truck industry is calling your name.

If you really want to become a food truck owner, then you should become one. This is a great industry and it is allowing so many people — people just like you — to follow their dreams in the form of being a chef and running a kitchen.

Food Truck

We just want you to be prepared before you take the leap. We will say this: There is plenty of information out there, plenty of information that will set you up for success when it comes to being a food truck owner. Plus, you could always attend conferences and events, read articles on the internet (just like this one) and books, and you can also ask current food truck owners questions.

The key is being prepared, and doing your homework now. With that said, if running your own food truck sounds like a dream come true, then this is probably the perfect industry for you!

In hopes of giving you some advice for this wonderful industry, we are about to unleash two articles that are perfect for aspiring mobile kitchen owners, articles that were previously published on Custom Concessions.

7 Random Things All Prospective Food Truck Owners Need To Consider

Preview from the article:

“Should I Incorporate An Easy Concept, Or An Extremely Unique One?

An extremely unique concept is how you can stand out, but if it is too unique, then no one will want to venture to your truck in the first place. It’s ideal to find a healthy mix between a unique concept and an easy one, and it is up to you to find that healthy mix.

Not to mention, if your food takes too long to cook on the spot (even with some prepping involved), then it is likely too unique/complicated, and that will not fly in this industry. After all, people want their food fast, but they also want it to be filled with quality.

No one said this was going to be an easy profession…”

Must-Have Qualities If You Want To Become A Food Truck Owner

Preview from the article:

A Positive Attitude: Having a positive attitude is a must-have, especially when those roadblocks are appearing all the time, and you counter some failure along the way. Just remember: You can be anything you want to be … as long as you are willing to put in the work. If you stay positive, then it will not only keep your motor running, if you will, but it will also rub off on other people, such as family members who are looking to invest, and your customers and employees once you do become a food truck owner. You have to be positive. If you take the other route, which is being negative, then you will likely end up quitting (or not even getting started in the first place). Not to mention, people will start cutting you out of the picture, because no one wants to be around a negative person, especially when they are trying to make their own goals and dreams come true.”

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