12 Businesses We Wish Had Food Trucks

huge-trailerIf you are looking at food trucks for sale, just remember this one important thing: Mobile food trucks are booming right now, and that will likely be the case for a very long time. That said, not every restaurant in America has a mobile kitchen … but they should.

In fact, here are 12 businesses we wish had food trucks. Try not to get too hungry when going over this list. We dare you.

12. P.F. Chang’s

Mobile catering trucks are convenient for so many different reasons. Unfortunately, the same thing can’t always be said about sit-down restaurants. Whether they want to join the food truck scene or not, getting some P.F. Chang’s away from the sit-down restaurant department would certainly have food lovers happy everywhere.

11. Noodles & Company

If only Noodles & Company would break into the food truck industry. Can you imagine getting their mac and cheese in food truck fashion? Once again, please try not to get too hungry during this process.

10. Corner Bakery Cafe

A bakery taking up concession trailer space? Sure, why not!

9. Sonic

Before judging this one, just think about how awesome it would be if Sonic was rolling to a place near you on wheels. Now that kitchen truck would really be booming.

deep-fryer-madness8. L&L Hawaiian BBQ

Two things: (1) L&L Hawaiian BBQ is amazing — seriously, you need to try it if you haven’t. (2) L&L serves up seaweed (spam musubi, people), and that is apparently a trending food for 2016.

7. Raising Cane’s

Not everyone has had Raising Cane’s. For those people who haven’t, I am very sorry. This is why places like Raising Cane’s need to enter the mobile food truck business.

6. Village Inn

First off, who knows if Village Inn would ever enter the food truck business. Second, their breakfast would taste that much better if you could get it on the go.

5. Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, simply put, is some of the best BBQ you will ever have. Whether they join the customized truck game or not, it would be in your best interest to flag one of these puppies down.

4. Lou Malnati’s

You haven’t had pizza — well, at least good pizza, that is — until you have had Lou Malnati’s. Needless to say, the food truck industry would skyrocket if a place like Lou Malnati’s joined on. However, could you imagine the line for this deep-dish pizza?

mayo3. IHOP

Certainly, the International House of Pancakes would be a hit on wheels. This would be one breakfast/lunch/dinner truck we wouldn’t be able to live without — because pancakes are amazing. Unfortunately, we are currently living without an IHOP food truck right now.

2. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I mean, come on — who wouldn’t order one of these bad boys at a mobile kitchen? Truck builders (and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, of course), please make this one happen.

1. 7-Eleven

A 7-Eleven food truck in America … I would go to it. This mobile kitchen trailer would bring the convenience part of food trucks to a whole new level — and isn’t that the point?

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