5 Meals Food Trucks Should Serve In Colder Climates

5 Meals Food Trucks Should Serve In Colder Climates

The colder months of the year can definitely be tough on your food truck business. After all, there are plenty of people who hate cold weather. Naturally, people stay inside during the winter months as well.

Fight off those winter months with these five meals (if you will). Most of them are classics, and everyone loves a good classic.

ESPN5. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie at a food truck? Yes, pumpkin pie at a food truck. It fits under the category of classic and appetites go wild over a slice of pie during the holidays.

Guess what else pumpkin pie does? Let people know that the holiday season is in fact here, and it also reminds food lovers of everything that goes down during said holiday season. Like family time and grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie (or any pie really) is a proven winner.

If you really want to get people’s taste buds going, serve up some sweet potato casserole.

4. Hot Chocolate, Egg Nog, Apple Cider

Hot chocolate helps keep people warm. Plus, who doesn’t want to channel their inner child with this legendary hot drink?

Egg nog, of course, is huge during the holiday season. So is apple cider.

The holiday season doesn’t last all winter, but you might as well benefit from it when the shoppers are flooding the stores.

These three drinks and pumpkin pie might throw off your menu some, but why not give the people what they want, and change things up a bit in the process?

Texas-Roadhouse3. Chili, Chili And More Chili

Sure, not everyone likes chili, but if your recipe is good enough, then everyone should love your chili.

Spicy foods keep people warm, just to put that cherry on top.

Consider a bowl of chili a secret weapon. It helps people get through the winter months and actually enjoy those months as well. With a bowl of chili, you will basically be going all out on this winter thing.

2. Some Form Of Stew

Stew isn’t really a summer food, so take advantage of this valuable tool (stew, that is) when the temperature starts to drop. Winter foods are all about hearty foods, and stew could be the heartiest of them all.

Even if you do live in a climate that screams beach weather year-round, serving up stew (or any winter food in general) helps people get in the mood for wintertime.

1. Something Creative

Winter is the perfect time to really spice up your menu. You want to get people’s attention, right? If business is slow, throw that Hail Mary by serving something rather creative … even if it might be a bit exotic or a one-time thing.

Just remember, you can beat wintertime with one great meal at a time.

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