5 Ways A Food Truck Can Reach Your Target Demographic


First things thirst: You need to figure out your target demographic, and then run with that audience. Knowing who you are trying to reach is step No. 1, and it is a very, very important step at that.

Once you get your target demographic down, please proceed.

5. Capability To Tailor Your Food Around Your Audience

Theoretically, your fans will love your epic recipes. However, if there are any special requests or you know your audience loves a certain dish that you whip up, then serve that bad boy all of the time.

The great thing about food trucks is the variety that they offer.

Although you probably want to cook up what you want to cook up, know your audience, and then cater to your audience (literally).

4. Go Where Your Target Demographic Is

The great thing about a food truck is the fact that it is a restaurant on wheels. That is where your mobile business is going to thrive because you can literally follow your target demographic, or have them come to you, of course.

Location is never really an issue with food trucks — well, for the most part.

3. Social Media Is A Great Battle To Win

Share food stories of customers, share pictures of your food, share your brand. The great thing about food is that people love to see pictures of great dishes — because food. The great thing about social media is that things like pictures are easily shareable.

Social media is so powerful because you can completely target your audience, or widen the search by trying to target everyone.

It’s a social media world we live in, so social media can help you win the ultimate battle, which is gaining costumers and keeping customers in love with your brand. That said, make sure you are reaching your audience on the social networks they use. If they are all about Facebook, then you should be as well.

Like all food truck businesses, you can tell your audience where your next stop is going to be … through social media.


2. Partnerships Can Greatly Come Into Play

Here’s a great example of how partnerships can help you reach your target demographic: Say you are trying to reach college students, and a nearby university wants you to cater an event for them. Boom! You are about to feed the mouths of your target demographic, and reach others as well.

Ideally, this will lead to your food truck doing more business with that university. By the way, universities can reach a ton of people.

Remember, that was just one example of how potential partnerships are catered to food trucks.

1. Events Are Huge In The Food Truck Business

We will keep this simple. Food trucks are invited to events all of the time. This is good for a couple of reasons. (1) Food trucks are mobile (that’s kind of the point), so you can easily travel to events. (2) Many events that food trucks are invited to will already have the target audience in place.

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