7 Reasons Every Successful Restaurant Needs A Food Truck


Do you currently own and operate a successful restaurant? Are you looking for ways to take said successful restaurant to the top? If so, then you should think about adding a food truck business into the mix.

If you are on the fence about this idea, or are just hearing it for the first time, then make sure to really think about the seven reasons below. Yes, owning and operating a food truck business might be different than owning and operating a sit-down restaurant, but if you are a good boss, your menu is flawless and you have a good business plan on top of that, then you can certainly make it in both industries, if you will.

Nonetheless, here are seven reasons why every successful restaurant needs a food truck.

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7 Reasons Every Successful Restaurant Needs A Food Truck

  • Because The Food Truck Industry Is Booming
  • Expansion Is Crucial If You Plan On Taking Your Business To The Top
  • Larger Target Audience
  • More Money
  • Low Start-Up And Overhead Costs
  • Your Successful Restaurant Is Ready To Conquer The Food Truck Industry
  • Because Why Not?

Because The Food Truck Industry Is Booming

The food truck industry is still relatively new. As a result, so many people are still trying to enter it and so many foodies are flocking to food trucks on a daily basis. In every sense of the word, the food truck industry is still booming.

Plus, while places like Los Angeles might be flooding with lunch trucks, there are still plenty of places in America that are lacking in the food truck department, and that could be where you come in.

If you are a business owner (which you are) and if you already know how to run a food business (which you do), then you would be crazy not to give a lunch truck a try. Food trucks seem to be popping up all over the place. No, it’s not because this industry is a get-rich-quick scheme (side note: food truck owners put in a ton of hours, and they typically don’t become rich overnight), it’s because people want to be chefs and they also want to own their own businesses. This industry is perfect for both dreams.

This industry is booming right now, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that, future food truck owners?

Expansion Is Crucial If You Plan On Taking Your Business To The Top

As you likely already know, expansion is crucial for any business, especially if you want to take your business to the top of success mountain.Restaurant

Expansion could lead to a number of different things. It could lead to your work being easier because you have more employees, an established business and a model that works. It could lead to more business, it could lead to your brand really taking off, it could lead to more money and the list goes on and on.

If you have the money to expand and it would take your business to the next level, then why wouldn’t you? And remember, you don’t have to drop a massive amount of dough to open up another sit-down restaurant. You could always expand by starting up a food truck, which is typically a much cheaper route.

Larger Target Audience

If you decide to open up a mobile kitchen, then you will likely be expanding your target audience. This could be the case for a number of different reasons.

You will have your sit-down restaurant customers and your food truck customers (yes, sometimes these two can overlap). If you add a new location into the mix, which you will be if you open up a lunch truck, then more people in that area will see your food truck (reminder, pick a location(s) that has a lot of foot traffic).

This will likely not only lead to more people trying out your food, but new mouths tasting it as well. Not to mention, in the food truck industry, you can do catering gigs (such as weddings, events or festivals), your food truck can have more than one location (it’s mobile, after all), your food truck can become a community and your food truck can help spread your current message, or in this case, your food truck can serve up more food to more people.

What does this all lead to? Well, it should lead to a larger target audience, which will then lead to…

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More Money

This might be the No. 1 reason why your successful restaurant decides to open a food truck — more money. You might already have a successful restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you should stop growing there.

If you have a successful restaurant, then you are clearly doing many things right, and you can incorporate all of those things into a mobile catering business. One of the things that will lead to is more money. Isn’t that a good enough reason to launch a lunch truck?

Low Start-Up And Overhead Costs

Successful restaurant owners might be wondering why they should open a food truck when they could always open another sit-down restaurant. Here’s why: Food trucks have low start-up and overhead costs — well, when comparing them to sit-down restaurants, that is.

Not only is a food truck typically less money to buy than a sit-down restaurant, but it is also less money to operate on a daily basis. It doesn’t hurt that a mobile kitchen business typically has less employees to pay than a sit-down restaurant either.

Low start-up and overhead costs and you will still be racking up a lot of money. That should be intriguing for any business owner.

Because Your Successful Restaurant Is Ready To Conquer The Food Truck Industry

We kind of covered some of this already, but let’s bring everything together. As a result of you already having a successful restaurant, you already have food that people love, you already have a business plan that works, you already know how to manage employees, you already know how to be a chef and a business owner, etc.

You already know what it takes to own and operate a successful restaurant, so surely you can implement these things when you finally do start up a kitchen truck, right? Basically, you are the perfect candidate for a food truck, and you are ready to conquer the industry.

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Because EVERYONE Likes Food Trucks

Why wouldn’t you want to own a food truck, especially if you already own a successful restaurant? People love food trucks because they are convenient and they are getting a great meal. Not to mention, the food truck industry is booming.

RestaurantIf you own a successful restaurant and a food truck, then you will have the best of, well, every world. If food lovers want to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, then they can go to your restaurant. However, if they want to skip the sit down part and the longer time it takes to get in and out, then they can go to your food truck.

There are benefits for opening up a mobile kitchen and there are benefits for opening up a sit-down restaurant. You can satisfy all of your customers by opening up both.

What do you have to lose? You already know that running a successful food business takes more than simply being a chef, and a food truck is less of a risk than opening up another location for the simple fact that it should be cheaper.

You already have an established business, which means you could be finally exiting the startup phase soon. If nothing else, people already know your brand, they already love your food and you already have a ton of customers, so you shouldn’t struggle when it comes to attracting customers, which is a huge struggle for many first-time business owners.

Here’s the real question you should be asking yourself: What are you waiting for?

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