Catering To Kids Can Seriously Increase Your Food Truck Revenue

13116184_1723275477887279_693266609494098263_oWhen you were a kid, what was the best part about McDonald’s (or any fast food restaurant)?

Hint: We are not talking about the Playplace.

However, if you answered kids’ meals, then you are 100 percent correct.

Unfortunately for food truck owners, whether you have been part of the industry for years, or are currently looking for food trucks for sale, this strategy isn’t exactly taking center stage. In fact, it seems like kids are rarely being catered to in this industry, and that is a problem.

First of all, there are many kids on this planet — that should go without saying. Secondly, kids — believe it or not — also eat food.

In hopes of drawing in more families to your mobile food truck, and catering to kids in the process, do what McDonald’s does by offering kids’ meals, or meals that incorporate smaller portions, if you will.

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Think back to the times when you sunk your teeth into a kids’ meal. Other than the cool box that your meal came in, what else did you love about it? The toy that came with it, of course. If you can somehow manage to incorporate toys into your food truck business, then you will surely gain more and more customers.

If you want to skip the kids’ meal and toys altogether at your gourmet food truck, then that is fine as well, as long as you offer up times when kids can eat for free. This doesn’t have to be an all-day event, but families will certainly be more intrigued to eat at your food truck if the little ones get to eat for free.

13124897_1721861218028705_2501396357366781542_nThere are many ways to spice up a food truck menu, and to bring more business in. Catering to the kids (you know, the future) is simply one of those ways.

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Setting up your mobile catering truck is half the battle. Keeping it running (and growing) is a completely different story. Make sure to keep that in mind if you are looking for food trucks for sale, or if you are simply looking to increase your food truck revenue in general.

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