Cleaning Your Food Truck Tips

Custom-concessions-logo-large-food-trucks-concession-vending-trailers-mobile-kitchens-new-food-truck-for-saleToday we are going to talk about keeping your food truck clean!

Cleanliness is so important, especially in a small space, cooking for the masses.  At the end of a long day working on the truck it can be tempting to save the deep clean-up for the morning but DON’T! Make sure every night you have a check list of what to clean.

You should also have a list of daily, weekly, monthly, and semiannually cleaning to dos.  Here is a list to help guide you:

During your shift on the truck make sure to clean the following:

  • Brush the grill between cooking red meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Wipe down the cooking line and prep areas.
  • Switch cutting boards.
  • Empty the trash (use public trash receptacles to do this; don’t use privately owned dumpsters).

At the end of your shift clean the following:

  • Clean the fryers.
  • Clean the microwave (inside and outside).
  • Brush the grill.
  • Wash and sanitize all surfaces (cutting boards, the service window ledge, cooking line, and prep tables).
  • Empty and clean the steam table.
  • Cover all bins in the cooler with plastic wrap.
  • Wash the floor mats.
  • Sweep and mop the truck floor.
  • Change any foil linings on the grill, range, and flattops you use.
  • Wash the can opener.
  • Wash hood filters by hand or run them through a dishwasher.

Custom Concessions mobile kitchens food trucks trailers vending for sale custom truck new builder 4At the end of the week clean the following:

  • Empty coolers and wash and sanitize them.
  • Remove lime on sinks and faucets.
  • Clean the coffee machine.
  • Clean the ovens. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Sharpen knives (okay, this isn’t cleaning per se, but it needs to be done).
  • Oil cast-iron cookware.

cooking-line-3At the end of the month clean the following:

  • Wash behind the hot line (oven, stove, and fryers) to cut down on grease buildup, which is a major fire hazard.
  • Clean freezers.
  • Empty and sanitize the ice machine.
  • Calibrate ovens.
  • Calibrate thermometers.
  • Wash walls and ceilings.
  • Wipe down the dry storage area.
  • Restock your first-aid kit.
  • Update your material safety data sheets, which outline how to safely use any chemicals in your kitchen.

Custom Concessions mobile kitchens food trucks trailers vending for sale custom truck new builder 1At least twice a year clean the following:

  • Clean the exhaust hoods twice a year.
  • Some professional companies specialize in hood cleaning. Doing this job yourself can be very messy and time consuming. Simply search for professional companies online or in your local yellow pages.
  • Check fire extinguishers (this task may need to be done twice a year, depending on where you live).
  • Check the fire suppression system.
  • Clean the pilot lights on gas kitchen equipment.
  • Have a professional pest control company inspect your vehicle for signs of pests and have them removed.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s blog! If you have any questions about this article please feel free to email [email protected].

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