Co-Founder Of Prestige Food Trucks Jeremy Adams Drops Some Business Gems In Interview With Onward Nation


The co-founder of Prestige Food Trucks, Jeremy Adams, did an interview with Onward Nation, and the result was amazing.

Basically, if you are thinking about starting your own business, then you need to check out the interview. Adams, needless to say, dishes out advice galore for business owners.

You can check out the interview here.

Co-Founder Of Prestige Food Trucks Jeremy Adams Drops Some Business Gems In Interview With Onward Nation

If you are looking for more food truck advice, then you are in luck, because below we will be providing five articles (previews and links included) that feature great advice on this wonderful industry.

7 Random Things All Prospective Food Truck Owners Need To Consider

An extremely unique concept is how you can stand out, but if it is too unique, then no one will want to venture to your truck in the first place. It’s ideal to find a healthy mix between a unique concept and an easy one, and it is up to you to find that healthy mix.

Not to mention, if your food takes too long to cook on the spot (even with some prepping involved), then it is likely too unique/complicated, and that will not fly in this industry. After all, people want their food fast, but they also want it to be filled with quality.

No one said this was going to be an easy profession…

5 Issues You Will Face When Trying To Become A Food Truck Owner

There are likely two different kinds of people in your life: (1) The ones who support you, and (2) the ones who don’t, which is why you are going to deal with the issue of acceptance from everyone you know when trying to break into this industry.

Needless to say, you are going to have plenty of naysayers — you know, people who don’t support your dreams, and tell you they can’t be done. This is quite the challenge because these naysayers are going to be people you love, people who you thought believed in you.

We are here to say this: Don’t let the naysayers take you down with them — always follow your heart and your dreams! This is your life, and you can do anything you want with it, such as becoming a chef in the food truck industry.

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5 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Begin Your Food Truck Journey

This is an important step for many different reasons. First and foremost, location is everything in the food truck industry (you know what they say … location, location, location), and if you decide to go with a destination that isn’t known for its foot traffic, then you might struggle to attract customers. Not to mention, you can’t just park anywhere, and things like permits, regulations, laws and rules come into play.

Therefore, do some big-time research in this department, and see where you can and can’t park … as well as searching for amazing destinations that haven’t been picked yet. Reminder: Your business is mobile, so you can have more than one location, and you really should if you are going to survive and thrive in this industry.


Must-Have Qualities If You Want To Become A Food Truck Owner

Okay, so if you want to be a success in anything, there are an unlimited amount of qualities you need to have, and that’s especially the case for the food truck industry.

With that in mind, if you do want to become a food truck owner, then there are five qualities in general that you must have, and they can be found below. The sooner you make these qualities yours, the sooner you will become a food truck owner, and that’s when the really journey — and fun — begins.

As a friendly reminder, we want to say this: You have every right to follow your goals and dreams, and you also have every right to be happy in every aspect of life. In terms of the work aspect, we encourage you to follow your dreams of becoming a food truck owner, because that will likely lead to you living a more fulfilling life — well, at least from a work standpoint.

5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Food Truck Owner In 2018

As a business owner, the sky is the limit. There’s no limit on how big you can grow your company, and there’s certainly no limit on how much money you can make. Spoiler alert: If you own a food truck, then you are, in fact, a business owner.

Unlike so many jobs out there (you know, jobs in which you are an employee working for an employer), you can make as much money as you want as a food truck owner. In other words, your salary can be as high as you want it to be, and your salary can increase on top of that.

Of course, you want to make sure you have a thriving and sustainable business before you start paying yourself an overwhelming amount of money. Still, the sky is the limit as a food truck business owner.

You can become anything you want during this lifetime. Better yet, you can become anything you want in 2018. Start putting in the work now, because a year from now (heck, even a month from now), you will wish you had started today.

Be the person you were meant to be. Join the food truck industry! Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

We hope the advice from the interview above (and also from the articles featured above) can help you along the journey that is you joining the food truck industry.

You can do it — if you really want to, and if you are willing to put in the work.

Good luck, future food truck owner!

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