Everything Published At Custom Concessions From February 2017


In hopes of giving aspiring food truck owners an article that is jam-packed with advice, we decided to go back in time to February 2017. Going along with that thinking, we are about to feature every article published from February 2017.

Not only will we be dropping the link to each and every article but we will also provide a preview of each piece in question.

Ideally, this information will help you out along the journey that is you becoming a food truck owner.

Everything Published At Custom Concessions From February 2017

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Why Should You Enter The Food Truck Industry?


But seriously, why should you enter the food truck industry?

Have you always wanted to be a chef, are you an entrepreneur who has always wanted to open up his/her own food-related business? Whatever the reason might be, we 100 percent support it. After all, the food truck industry is booming, it provides a great opportunity, so many people would consider it a dream job and we can’t talk highly enough about it.

If you want to enter this industry, we say go for it! Just make sure your finances are in order before you make the amazing leap, and also make sure you are prepared to not only be a chef (that’s the easy part, right?), but a business owner as well — because succeeding as a food truck owner takes more than being a wizard in the kitchen. Unfortunately, so many people enter this industry thinking they can make it simply because they are great cooks. That is a huge plus, but if you do not know how to run a business, then you likely won’t be in this industry for long.

Joining The Food Truck Industry Is So Much More Than Making A Living


Everyone has different values and beliefs, and that’s what makes people so special. With that in mind, some people join the food truck industry because they see a great opportunity to make a lot of money, while others join because it is their dream job, because they want to be happy in their line of work. Of course, there are probably plenty of people who fall somewhere in between.

Joining the food truck industry is so much more than simply making a living. Yes, that is very, very important — making a living, that is — but when you buy your food truck, you are, in a sense, buying into a new lifestyle.

When you become a mobile kitchen owner, well, that is now going to be your life. Yes, you will, of course, still have some time away from your truck, but you are a business owner in every sense of the word, which means you are going to be spending a good amount of time doing things for your food truck business. Even when you aren’t actually at your mobile catering truck, you will still be brainstorming ways to make your business better, stronger. You know, if you plan on succeeding as a lunch truck owner.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Food Truck Grand Opening


You did it…

You came up with an otherworldly business plan, you picked a food truck concept, you made your menus, you hired an employee or two, you figured out your locations, you tackled permits and regulations, you raised enough money to buy a food truck (and then you bought a food truck), and you are now ready to enter the mobile kitchen industry. And, you have notified your friends and family about this life-changing career, and you have also built up your social media following. What’s next?

Well, now the real fun begins. Now you will get to see if you have what it takes to be a food truck owner. Now, the blood, sweat and tears are really going to kick into gear. Bring on the 10-hour days and your mobile kitchen business being your entire life.

Top 5 Food Truck Stops


Mobile kitchens are taking over the food scene. More and more people are putting their name into the ring when it comes to food trucks. Entrepreneurs, business owners, chefs and food lovers alike are joining the food truck industry. Therefore, if you travel to your downtown area, or a populated area with plenty of foot traffic in general, you will likely see a food truck or two lurking about, and no one seems to be complaining.

While we love all food trucks, no matter where they are or what the concept might be, we will be unleashing the top five food truck stops as well as some food trucks that can be found in these cities. As a little spoiler, we will be venturing to Boston, DC, Nashville, Atlanta and Buffalo for these food truck stops. Enjoy, and try not to get to hungry in the process.


These Custom Concessions Articles Will Help You Achieve The Dream That Is Entering The Food Truck Industry


Are you trying to enter the food truck industry but could use an overwhelming amount of information to help you get started? If you can relate, then you are in luck.

You see, entering the food truck industry is not as simple as buying a truck, selling some food and then becoming rich overnight. If it were that easy, then everyone would have the title “Food Truck Owner” on their business cards.

Unfortunately, making it as a mobile kitchen owner is not easy, and it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but that does not mean you can’t see a massive amount of success. In fact, if you follow the advice in the articles below, then you will be well on your way. Above all else, make sure you never stop hustling, and never let your passion for cooking up amazing recipes die.

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