Food Options Every Mobile Kitchen Truck Needs

Food truc10391517_1707558252792335_671659097814733730_nks are a great place to go on a Friday night (or any time of the week, that is). The food they provide for our taste buds are otherworldly and you also don’t have to go through the trouble that is sitting at a sit-down restaurant.

However, if you are currently the head chef at your very own mobile catering truck or are browsing the market for food trucks for sale, make sure you keep these food options in mind — because every mobile kitchen truck needs them. (Side note: These five options are on top of the menu you already provide to the food world.)

Sauce Variety

Because how many times has someone asked you if your food truck business had any other sauces outside of ketchup, mustard or mayo (although those are three mainstays)?

Give your lunch truck customers the option to spice up their food by bringing plenty of sauces to the table.

A Vegan Option

You know, because being a vegan is all the rage nowadays, and your mobile kitchen trailer has no reason to not take advantage of this.

Drink Options12548897_1707558336125660_944026305081062210_n

Soda products are great, but how about an Arnold Palmer (homemade style), peach tea, iced coffee or other less common drink options? Food truck folks, it’s the little things that can help bring your mobile food truck to the top.

A Vegetarian Option

More and more people are going vegetarian. Surely, you can have an item or two that drops the meat and hits all of the vegetarian requirements, right? There’s nothing wrong with your gourmet food truck being a one-stop shop for all things food.

A Special

There’s a reason why people call it “a special.” And there’s a reason why so many food lovers order specials over the normal menu meals all of the time — because it is something new … and special.

The food truck industry shouldn’t shy away from this option. If you are checking out food trucks for sale, these five options could take your food truck business to the next level in no time, or at least make it stand out.

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