Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series: Must-Haves For Future Owners


You’re browsing food trucks for sale, but you’re not sure what you all need for a mobile kitchen other than the obvious things (you know, like a food truck). Don’t worry, we have you covered with the Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series.

Next up, we will cover the must-haves for future food truck owners. Learn them. Love them. Live them.

5. A Killer Brand

If you are going to stand out from the rest of the food truck industry, then you need a killer brand. So what makes you unique? Start there, and then start developing your gourmet food truck brand. It’s a — you guessed it — must-have.

4. Business Plan

Before you even think about purchasing concession trailer space, you better already have one thing, and that one thing is a business plan. Without it, you will be unprepared. And if you are unprepared, your customized truck will likely sink … if you even get it started.

3. Permits

We are not saying permits are fun, but they are something all food truck businesses must think about, and get. There is no way around it.

adventure awaits food truck
2. Social Media Presence

With a strong social media presence, you can dominate the food truck industry. Okay, so you will also have to sell amazing product (aka food) and other things have to fall into place as well, but social media is the ultimate weapon nowadays for a business.

Not only can you let customers know where your mobile catering truck will be on a specific day, but you can tell your customers what you are going to be serving, assuming you change up the menu from time to time or offer specials.

Not to mention, you can advertise, market and spread the word in general with social media. This helps your lunch truck customers feel like they are involved at the same time (yes, social media really does have that much power).

1. A Concept

What are you going to serve at your food truck? Will your mobile kitchen feature American, Mexican, Hawaiian or Greek food? The food concept possibilities are endless. Once you know what you want to serve — because you are the chef and you get to decide — you will know what your food truck concept is going to be.

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