Foods Mobile Truck Owners Should Serve During Spring

941067_1707558512792309_1411150585702963462_nNow that spring is in the air, food truck owners (or those looking for food trucks for sale) can take advantage by serving up new dishes. You know, the kind of dishes that scream spring and remind our taste buds that summer is just around the corner.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs might be the ultimate summer food. Not only are they delicious, but they are rather easy to make. That is a huge win for lunch truck owners and food lovers who, well, love hot dogs.

If you are feeling really crazy, you can add chili and cheese, or make it a Chicago Dog.

Any Kind Of BBQ-Like Food In General

Spring and summer are all about the cookouts, camping, pool parties and family get-togethers. At these type of outings, BBQ food is a huge hit, and the food truck business should take note.

Ice Cream

QUICK: What is the best type of food when it is hot outside?

Answer: Ice cream.

Okay, so ice cream isn’t going to exactly satisfy all of your needs when it comes to not being hungry, but it will certainly make your appetite happy. The best part is that mobile kitchen trucks are perfect for the ice cream business. Heck, there are plenty of mobile food trucks that specialize in ice cream.

Side note: Popsicles can go under this category as well.

A Colorful Salad

Spring is all about its colors (just check out all of the flowers that come to life this time of year to figure that one out).

Spring also reminds folks that beach season is nearing its head. Therefore, many people use the spring months to get in shape. You know what screams being in shape? Colorful salads, of course.

Even if it isn’t spring, every kitchen truck should have some type of salad.


Lots And Lots Of Fruit

This basically goes along the lines of beach season almost being here. If customized trucks really want to get fancy, they can whip up some fruit salads, and also add some veggies to the mix.

Peach Tea

Really any tea works for a spring beverage, but there are not many things that are more thirst-quenching than a cold glass of peach tea.

If you are browsing used food trucks for sale, don’t be afraid to spice up your mobile catering truck menu with a ton of beverages (you know, like peach tea).

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