Must-Have Vegan Items For Food Trucks

12821374_1707558456125648_1419750211766634260_nGoing vegan is all the rage nowadays. As a food truck owner (or a person who is looking for food trucks for sale), you need to take advantage of this. Although you don’t have to completely change up your menu, adding a vegan option or two to your mobile kitchen menu would be a great idea — because who doesn’t love eating at mobile catering trucks?

Sandwich Galore

For the first must-eat vegan meal on the list, we are going broad (that will be the case for most of these items). There is nothing quite like a good sandwich, food truck owners. They can be simple, rather than fancy, but the options are endless.

Macaroni And Cheese Vegan Style (Or Other Pastas)

Macaroni and cheese is a classic dish. However, there are already plenty of mobile food trucks out there that have their own versions of said classic dish. As a result of there being more ways than one to make macaroni and cheese, lunch truck owners can take advantage by cooking up some vegan macaroni and cheese as well.

Or, if this dish really isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other pasta options in the vegan department as well.

Eggplant … Anything

Eggplant sandwich, eggplant lasagna, sweet and sour eggplant and really the list goes on and on. Eggplant is a very diverse food, and the food truck industry can never have too many eggplant ideas.

The Versatile Tofu

Speaking of diverse, kitchen truck chefs can literally do anything they want with tofu. Needless to say, tofu is versatile.

Falafel Tacos941067_1707558512792309_1411150585702963462_n

Because everyone can use some good Mexican food from time to time. And cooking up falafel tacos is one way customized truck owners can satisfy all of the vegan craves.

Black Bean Burgers

If you have never sunk your teeth into a black bean burger, add that to your immediate to-do list.

If you are thinking about opening up some sort of burger stand, make sure to master the black bean burger.

Heck, any mobile kitchen trailer owner should try to add this delicious item to the menu, no matter what the food concept is.

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