Questions You Will Likely Have When Trying To Become A Food Truck Owner

Food Truck Owner

As an aspiring food truck owner, there are probably a million different questions running around in your head. After all, joining the food truck industry and becoming the owner of your own kitchen is likely a dream come true, and questions galore tends to accompany that dream.

In the spirit of that thinking, here are eight questions you will likely have when trying to become a food truck owner.

Questions You Will Likely Have When Trying To Become A Food Truck Owner

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8.) How Much Is A Food Truck?

Like all things in life, it depends. While, yes, you can certainly go the cheap route, do you really want the foundation of your business — which is the truck and the equipment — to be cheap? Don’t you want your place of business to be nice?

If you are in the market for a high-quality food truck, which you should be, then make sure to request a custom quote to figure out how much your dream food truck could cost.

7.) Can I Park My Truck Anywhere?

The short answer: No.

Permits, regulations, rules, laws and things of that nature will apply when it comes to your food truck location.

Here’s the good thing: There are plenty of great places to park food trucks, your business is mobile and you can have more than one location.

6.) How Do I Come Up With Enough Money To Buy A Food Truck?

A food truck might be quite the investment, but it’s not so much money that it will take a lifetime to save up for. Other than saving up your own money to buy a food truck, you can also find investors, finance your food truck, ask family member for the money, etc.

Believe it or not, you might only need to save up a little amount of money if you go the financing route, because you would only initially need money for the downpayment if you go that route. This amount might not be too much if you have good credit. It, of course, depends on your situation.

The key is looking at how much your food truck will cost, analyzing your money situation, looking at all your options and then going from there. You can enter the food truck industry — it might just take some patience and persistence.

5.) How Do I Know What All My Food Truck Needs?

Let us put it this way: If you go with a company like Custom Concessions, then we will help you figure out what your dream food truck kitchen all needs. We will help you out from start to finish, to say the least, and we will ensure that your kitchen is arranged to perfection, with all of the cooking equipment you need for your food truck concept.

Now, if you buy a used food truck from a different place, then who knows. You might just be getting a truck as is, and then you will end up having to pay even more money if any of the equipment is missing, or you simply don’t like the arrangement.

4.) What Should My Food Truck Concept Be?

That is 100 percent up to you.

Do you want to make family recipes? Is there a specific food concept you love to make? Do you want to create your own concept by combining two concepts together? The choice is yours — just be sure to pick the concept that is right for you, because this is something you shouldn’t change once your shop is open.

Look around and see what other food truck owners in your area are doing … and then try to be different, try to be you.

Food Truck Owner

3.) The Only Thing I Know How To Do Is Cook — What Should I Do?

If you aren’t thinking about this question … we hope you are thinking about it now. To succeed in the food truck industry, you have to be so much more than a cook. You are a business owner, which means you are running a business.

Now, some people might be thinking they already know the ins and outs of business, and that’s awesome. However, everyone is not like that, and many people enter the food truck industry not knowing anything about business. We recommend you doing the research now. Learn how to run a business, how to manage employees, how to do inventory, how to find the best deals on your product, how to run social media accounts and anything and everything relating to a food truck business.

The more you know — and learn now — the better off you will be. Trust us.

2.) When Is The Right Time To Enter The Food Truck Industry?

How about now. Food trucks are popping up all across America, and that’s for good reason — people love food trucks.

Now is the time to make your dream of becoming a food truck owner come true. Stop pushing off your dream for a “more convenient time.” More likely than not, that time does not exist, because life will always get in the way.

In this day and age, you can become anything you want to be, so if you want to become a food truck owner now, then now is the right time to join the mobile kitchen industry.

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1.) How Do I Land Customers?

It depends. Some people open up shop in a great area in which there are plenty of people, and they attract customers based off of the fact that they are in a great location. That might not be the case for everyone, though. Others promote their food truck via social media, just as an example.

This is something you will figure out along the way, and the things you do at your food truck business will impact the amount of customers you will attract. Ask current food truck owners what they do to land more customers, and read articles and books about the matter. Surely, everyone will have a slightly different answer than the next person, but you can learn from all of these answers.

Once again, there are going to be a million different questions going through your head when you start your food truck journey, and we hope the questions above can get you thinking so you can be as prepared as possible for everything this industry has to offer.

Good luck, and we can’t wait to see your food truck in the near future!

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