Reasons To Join The Food Truck Industry Outside Of Making A Living

Food Truck Industry

Why do you want to join the food truck industry?

More likely than not, it has something to do with money and working for yourself. Those are two valid reasons for wanting to become a food truck owner. However, we wanted to highlight reasons to join the mobile kitchen industry outside of making a living.

If your passion is cooking food, then you can likely relate to some of the reasons…

Reasons To Join The Food Truck Industry Outside Of Making A Living

  • Cooking Food Is Your Passion
  • You’re A People Person
  • Mobility
  • The Flexibility With Menus
  • The Excitement Surrounding Food Trucks

Cooking Food Is Your Passion

This should be the No. 1 reason to join any industry — well, the passion part, that is. You’re going to be at (or working on) your food truck every day. You’re going to be cooking food day in and day out. When you’re not working at your food truck, cooking food and serving customers, you might be posting on social media, talking to vendors, working on employee schedules, crunching numbers, finding new locations, etc.

The point being? When you’re a food truck owner, your life is going to become your food truck. If you aren’t passionate about cooking food, the food truck industry or running a business, then you’re going to reach burnout fast.

Every food truck business is different, but one of the constants is, of course, cooking food. If cooking food is your passion, then that’s reason enough to become an owner in this industry.

You’re A People Person

Part of running a food truck business is talking to your customers. On top of being a chef, if you’re a people person, then the food truck industry might be perfect for you.

You’re going to be working in a small space and taking a lot of orders. The better you engage with your customers and focus on their wants and needs, the better your customer service will be.

Not everyone likes dealing with customers, but if you want to make it in this industry, customer service has to be a top priority, whether you’re taking an order at your truck or responding to a comment on social media — it’s all important.


This is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to open up a food truck business over a sit-down restaurant (well, that and food trucks tend to cost less money). Food trucks are mobile and they aren’t required to stay in one spot as a result.

Don’t like your location? You can find a new one. Tired of normal locations and want to try something new? You can enter food truck events or take on catering gigs.

A food truck provides a lot of freedom since it’s on wheels, and this helps to create a job that provides a new experience and journey every day.

Food Truck Industry

The Flexibility With Menus

While a restaurant owner can change up a menu if he or she wants to, it’s not necessarily expected — menus tend to stay the same at restaurants, although specials, seasonal items and new meals are added along the way.

With a food truck menu … anything goes. Not to mention, you can have 50 meals or two. The choice is truly yours. The food truck industry is also known as a creative industry when it comes to the concept that’s innovative cuisine. You will see (and probably cook) unique meals that people have never seen before.

Needless to say, people love the food truck industry (owners and customers alike) because of the flexibility with menus alone.

The Excitement Surrounding Food Trucks

People tend to get excited for food no matter what type of restaurant it’s coming from. People spend their anniversaries and celebrations over a meal, after all.

Add that to the fact that there’s so much excitement surrounding food trucks and you have another reason why people want to become owners in this industry. The food truck industry is fun thanks to the atmospheres that owners create, the unique food that’s offered and the joy and happiness that comes with every bite.

Everyone wants to be happy and work in a profession they love, and if you fancy yourself a cook, then we encourage you to become a food truck owner for those reasons alone. This industry is exciting, innovative and every day can be a journey.

There are an endless amount of reasons to join this industry outside of making a living, to say the least.

There are plenty of issues one might face when trying to become a food truck owner, and we encourage you to read the article below in hopes of dodging some of those issues.

Common Issues Restaurant Owners Will Face When Starting Up A Food Truck


If you’re an entrepreneur or first-time chef, then you’re likely going to treat your food truck as an everyday business in the sense that you travel from one location to the next on a daily/weekly basis. You might even incorporate some catering gigs and food truck events along the way.

However, if you own multiple restaurants and want to expand with a food truck … you still might not know what to do with the food truck. After all, you could just travel from location to location on a weekly basis, or you could use a food truck as a catering machine for your restaurants. The key is figuring out what’s going to benefit your business and then going from there, whether it be a mixture of ideas (catering and normal locations) or going one route.

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