Reasons Why Custom Concessions Is Thankful For The Food Truck Industry


With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, we here at Custom Concessions thought it would be a great idea to list off all of the reasons why we are so thankful for the food truck industry.

Trust us, there are an endless amount of reasons why we are thankful for this fine industry, and in hopes of showing that off, we are about to unleash reasons galore (in bullet point fashion) below.

Check them out … and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Reasons Why Custom Concessions Is Thankful For The Food Truck Industry

  • For starters, the food! Gourmet food is flooding this industry. The best part is the simple fact that each owner/food truck packs its own unique punch to every meal. Food trucks are providing the perfect alternative to sit-down restaurants, to say the least. We could go on and on about this topic, but we will just leave you with this: The food truck industry has some of the best meals on the planet.
  • The customers. People come to food trucks happy, and there are many different reasons behind that. For example, they know they are about to eat something amazing (who doesn’t love good food?), and they are also in an area that typically has a lot going on. What do we mean by that? Well, food trucks tend to set up shop, if you will, in downtown/populated areas. You know, in places where there is plenty of foot traffic, and where a lot is going on in general. Nonetheless, without the customers, food trucks wouldn’t be able to stay in business, and we are so thankful for said customers.
  • Another great way to get food. Not to mention, food trucks tend to go where the people go since they are mobile businesses.
  • The communities that food trucks build. Food trucks are building some real magic in the community department, and they are so fun to be around as a result.

And finally:

  • This is a big one: The food truck industry is allowing so many people the opportunity to follow their dreams. So many people are becoming the people they were meant to be. They are living a life that is filled with passion and happiness. So many people are becoming food truck owners, and this is allowing them to live the lives that they have always wanted to live. On top of first-time chefs following their dreams of cooking food for a living, this industry is also allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams as well. Opportunity fulfilled and dreams realized—that’s why we love this industry so much, and why we are so thankful for it.

If you are trying to break into the food truck industry, make sure to check out these food trucks for sale!

There is so much we are thankful for when it comes to the mobile kitchen industry. We love this industry. We are thankful for so many different reasons, and the reasons above were only scratching the surface.

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have an amazing holiday.


If you are thinking about entering the food truck industry today, tomorrow or in the future, then we want to give you a special treat, and said treat comes in the form of advice that will help get you into this wonderful industry. See this advice below in three different articles (previews included).

5 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Begin Your Food Truck Journey

3. Figure Out Where You Want Your Destination(s) To Be

This is an important step for many different reasons. First and foremost, location is everything in the food truck industry (you know what they say … location, location, location), and if you decide to go with a destination that isn’t known for its foot traffic, then you might struggle to attract customers. Not to mention, you can’t just park anywhere, and things like permits, regulations, laws and rules come into play.

Therefore, do some big-time research in this department, and see where you can and can’t park … as well as searching for amazing destinations that haven’t been picked yet. Reminder: Your business is mobile, so you can have more than one location, and you really should if you are going to survive and thrive in this industry.

7 Random Things All Prospective Food Truck Owners Need To Consider

Should I Incorporate An Easy Concept, Or An Extremely Unique One?

An extremely unique concept is how you can stand out, but if it is too unique, then no one will want to venture to your truck in the first place. It’s ideal to find a healthy mix between a unique concept and an easy one, and it is up to you to find that healthy mix.

Not to mention, if your food takes too long to cook on the spot (even with some prepping involved), then it is likely too unique/complicated, and that will not fly in this industry. After all, people want their food fast, but they also want it to be filled with quality.

No one said this was going to be an easy profession…

3 All-Star Tips For Folks Who Are Wanting To Purchase A Food Truck

Start Planning Everything Out Before You Even Step Foot In Your Mobile Kitchen

We already talked about the financial portion of this equation, and now we will talk about everything else when it comes to the preparation department. While it is okay to browse food trucks for sale — because you need to know what you are dealing with from a money standpoint — you shouldn’t actually buy one until you have crunched all of the numbers.

When it comes to planning, you should be making your business plan. Said business plan will help you realize what it all takes to start — and run — a business. Without a business plan, you won’t know how much inventory you will need, how long it will take until you are actually making money, what you are expected to make in a year, how much you can pay employees, how much you need to budget for marketing and anything and everything relating to those topics.

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If you are looking to break into this industry, make sure to request a custom quote!

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