Social Media Tips For Food Truck Owners


Social media is perhaps the most valuable weapon for companies nowadays. And yes, that includes the food truck business. That is why we are unleashing some social media tips for your food truck. If you are looking for food trucks for sale, just remember that cooking up food is only half the battle, although it is a very important battle.


Figure out what your brand stands for, where you want to go with it and then match up your branding scheme with all of your social network sites. When people see your logo, whether it be on your mobile kitchen, Facebook page, Twitter page or whatever it might be, they need to recognize it. Therefore, your gourmet food truck logo is going to be very important.

Images Of Your Food

Sometimes, describing your food items just isn’t good enough. Luckily, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media are all about those pictures. With pictures, you can really get your lunch truck  customers hooked. After all, if your food pictures are oozing with deliciousness, then why wouldn’t people want to go to your mobile food truck to get the real deal? Food videos are all the rage nowadays as well.

Tell Your Story

Whether it is on the “About” section or a link to your blog, make sure you tell your mobile kitchen trailer story. While your menu and food is your greatest asset, don’t be afraid to tell the customers how you got here. Your story will not only make you more relatable, but everyone loves a good story, right?

Contests, Giveaways

Two words: Free stuff. People love free stuff. In the spirit of giving things away, make sure to run giveaways and contests on your kitchen truck accounts. Your giveaways can be something as simple as a shirt (with your logo on it, of course), or a free meal at your otherworldly food truck.

Engage With Your Fans/Customers

Facebook is all about the engagement, and your fans/customers are going to be liking and commenting on your posts a lot — well, if you run your page properly, that is. Make sure you are engaging with them. Not only will it make your customized truck fans feel special, but it makes your company seem more human — because human-like responses are being dished out.

Follow The Trends

Social media networks are constantly changing, and it is up to you, mobile food truck owners, to follow the trends.

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