The Benefits Of Using A Food Truck For Marketing And Brand Awareness

Food trucks are booming nowadays (that might be a bit of an understatement). Mobile Kitchens are everywhere. Since people tend to love food and also tend to need food to live, this is a very good thing for everyone involved. Let’s take a step into the business side of things, though.

Taking the food truck business a step further, here are some benefits of using a food truck for marketing and brand awareness.


One of the best things about lunch trucks — for owners and customers — is the fact that they are mobile. On the owner’s side, you can make sure people see your business all over town by doing one simple thing — traveling all over town.

The more someone sees your food truck, the more they are going to become familiar with it (advertising at its finest).

Special Events/Catering

Food trucks can target special events all over the city (or country). By doing so, you are going to get your catering truck in front of a lot of people. Nowadays, there are even special events for food trucks.

Everyone loves food (it’s just a fact of life), and food trucks are a must when it comes to special events. Customized trucks are also easily accessible, which is huge for traveling to special events or catering purposes in general.

5th-wheel-trailerSocial Media

Social media ties everything together. With social media, you can do many things for your food truck business.

Here are some key ideas: You can tell customers where your mobile kitchen is going to be on any specific day, you can do giveaways through social media, you can promote what you are cooking up and the list goes on and on.

Just remember, pictures are huge on social media, and there are not many things better than pictures of food. Make sure to keep that in mind when doing all things social media for your kitchen truck.

An Extra, More Personal Avenue

Think of a food truck business as an extra, more personal avenue — well, that is at least the case for corporations that already have established a restaurant. With a food truck, and as talked about before, a mobile kitchen has the ability to move all over town. Essentially, your food truck is advertising all over town (talking about some sweet wheels).

To get a better idea about this concept, here are some ways customized trucks can be very personal: (1) One-on-one communication with the customers, (2) a small staff makes it possible for the customers to get to know everyone in a very short amount of time and (3) food trucks have a following.

People will literally dive into social media to see where their favorite lunch truck is going to be next. Not to mention, everything about a food truck is personalized.

Mobile kitchen trucks are certainly changing the game when it comes to marketing and brand awareness.

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