The In’s and Out’s – The Difference Between Gooseneck and BBQ Trailers


Although you can customize any of our food trucks and trailers to your liking, there are big differences between many of our trailers that cannot be changed. These differences can help you decide on what trailer or food truck is perfect for you. One of our more confusing differences is between our Gooseneck Trailers and our other trailers. Many of our customers have trouble deciding between our Gooseneck and our BBQ trailer. With many similarities, one can easily have a hard time deciding between the two. It’s important to understand how these trailers work to better fit your needs. Today we’d like lay out the differences from our Gooseneck Trailers and a BBQ Trailers to help you understand how these two work.


Probably the biggest difference between the BBQ Trailer and the Gooseneck Trailer is how the hitch connects to the truck. BBQ Trailers us a typical Ball Mount or Square Receiver Hitch. But a Gooseneck Trailer uses what is referred to as a Gooseneck Hitch. As the trailer extends over your truck’s bed, the hitch uses a kingpin, ball and socket or other similar trailer connection method. This is located above and forward of the rearmost axle of the towing vehicle. Unlike the BBQ Trailer, a gooseneck trailer is mounted in the tow vehicle, usually in a pickup truck.

Often, this requires for the truck bed to be removed to install the frame that holds the hitch in place. More often than not, a hole is drilled in the back of the truck. This might sway some business owner’s decision between the two, especially if they really love their truck.


Generally, between a BBQ Trailer and a Gooseneck Trailer, the Gooseneck will be bigger. Or, more appropriately, if you’re looking for more room and need extra storage, the Gooseneck Trailer will be a better option. Because of a Gooseneck Trailer’s hitch setup, there’s an added amount of available storage. If you don’t need a lot of room and are looking for a trailer that slightly more compact, a BBQ Trailer might be the better option.

Often, Gooseneck trailers are not used for food, but for other services: blood donation, Veteran Affairs, Fire Safety drills, etc. This is because of their size. Although our other trailers offer ample room for food preparation, the Gooseneck is our only trailer than can really offer the room needed to perform non-food activities.


While both BBQ Trailer and Gooseneck Trailer are mobile, the Gooseneck Hitch allows for much sharper turns. When driving your trailer around, this can make a big difference. This is especially true if you’re considering bringing your trailer to conventions, expos, festivals and other events that are limited with room.

BBQ Trailers may not have the best turning radius, but they are often lighter than Gooseneck Trailers. This means you don’t need as powerful of a truck to tow. We recommend Gooseneck Trailers if you need to have a heavy duty truck hitched to the trailer. However, as long as you own a powerful truck, Gooseneck trailers can support as much as thirty thousand pounds . If you need to tow a lot of equipment and food, Gooseneck Trailers got your back.


While both our BBQ Trailer and Gooseneck Trailer are customizable to your preferences, only the BBQ trailer can come with your own BBQ Smoker in the back. The addition sits on an open bed to keep air flowing through the mechanism. True barbecuers will tell you this is one of the best ways to make great meat. If you’re planning a food trailer based on good BBQ, you’re going to want to consider getting yourself a BBQ smoker.

Gooseneck Trailers are often better customized to fit larger groups of people. With ability to add a long width of windows for placing and receiving orders, many business owners who use Gooseneck Trailers are prepared for big events with a high yield of customers.

Whatever trailer you choose, Custom Concessions will make sure every aspect of the trailer is up to your standards of excellence. As you can see, even the differences between two of our Trailers can be big. Consider researching all of our trailers on our site. Or, contact us today to discuss your ideal trailer. We bet we’ll be able to make exactly what you’re looking for.

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