Things Restaurant Owners Need To Know About The Food Truck Industry


There are many differences between the food truck industry and the food industry (in other words, sit-down restaurants and food trucks). But we’re going to focus in on three things restaurant owners need to know about the mobile kitchen industry.

Are you considering joining the food truck industry on top of running your restaurant locations? We encourage you to keep the following three things in mind during your journey.

Things Restaurant Owners Need To Know About The Food Truck Industry

  • The Freedom Factor
  • The Uniqueness Factor
  • You Still Have To Put In The Work

The Freedom Factor

While any business owner has freedom in the sense that they are the owner of their own business and they get to create their vision as a result, there’s quite the freedom factor when it comes to food trucks.

For one, food trucks can travel to many different locations and serve food—within reason. You can’t park anywhere, and permits and regulations do come into play. Mobile kitchens don’t have to stay in one location. They can, in theory, go where the people are. This is a huge benefit when it comes to attracting customers and increasing your target audience.

Food trucks also don’t have to incorporate normal business hours since they aren’t stuck in one location in brick-and-mortar fashion. With that in mind, the owner must decide on this aspect. However, you can stay open at certain locations for a certain amount of time as opposed to staying in one location and having typical business hours every week.

From location to what you serve, you will find plenty of freedom in the food truck industry.

The Uniqueness Factor

If you’re a restaurant owner in any sense, then you likely already have created menus or have menus in mind for your food truck business. However, the food truck industry is known for its unique ways when it comes to the food itself.

Food truck owners take risks when it comes to their menus, which means it’s common (although unique to restaurant owners) to see two types of foods being combined. Food fusion is huge in this industry. Not to mention, food truck owners put their own unique twists on meals that are typically known for simple ingredients, such as a hot dog, taco, burger, etc.

On top of unique food in the food truck industry, many owners create their own unique atmospheres and environments at their locations. This means their food trucks are that much more attractive to customers.

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You Still Have To Put In The Work

A food truck might be smaller than many sit-down restaurants. It might be cheaper when it comes to overhead and startup costs. And it might seem like it’s booming and everyone is earning a ton of money as a result. But you still have to put in the work if you’re going to survive and thrive in this industry.


While many things help to increase the chances of success for restaurant owners, such as a great product (the food), a good business model, a well-known brand and a following already built in, just like any other location, you still have to be willing to put in the work if you want to see success in the food truck industry.

Therefore, you will still need to study the competition. Do your research, implement social media strategies, have a good team in place, have great customer service and so many other things if you plan on keeping a food truck business open for a long period of time. You still have to run a business.

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Why Being A Food Truck Owner Should Be Looked At As A Dream Job


The really cool part? You can be as successful as you want to be in this industry, and there is no cap on how much money you can make. As an example, plenty of food truck owners end up opening multiple food trucks. Some owners even add on a sit-down restaurant on top of the food trucks they already own and operate. Some owners also franchise their trucks. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless in this industry.

If you are willing to work hard in this industry, the sky is truly the limit, and that is one of the many different reasons why being a food truck owner is so fulfilling. Not to mention, every day provides a new adventure.

Being a food truck owner really is a dream job for so many different reasons, and we want to help you make your goals and dreams come true by building the truck of your dreams.

3 All-Star Tips For Folks Who Are Wanting To Purchase A Food Truck


When it comes to planning, you should be making your business plan. Said business plan will help you realize what it all takes to start — and run — a business. Without a business plan, you won’t know how much inventory you will need, how long it will take until you are actually making money, what you are expected to make in a year, how much you can pay employees, how much you need to budget for marketing and anything and everything relating to those topics.

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