What Kind Of Food Truck Business Do You Want To Run?

Food Truck Business

Believe it or not, there are many different kinds of food truck businesses, and not every owner runs his/her food truck business the same.

With that in mind, what kind of food truck business do you want to run, aspiring mobile kitchen owners?

To help you out along this journey, we will break down a couple of paths below.

What Kind Of Food Truck Business Do You Want To Run?

  • A Truck That Serves At One Location To The Next
  • A Truck That Makes Its Money Via Catering
  • A Catering Truck That Only Appears At Special Events
  • A Combination Of All Three

A Truck That Serves At One Location To The Next

This is the route that many entrepreneurs, first-time business owners and cooks/chefs take.

Not only is it a good way to spread brand awareness and increase your target audience—because you’re traveling all around town and getting your truck and food in front of new eyes—but it’s also a great way to make a steady stream of income. After all, you will have “normal” business hours in the sense that you travel to places on a routine basis and you will also mix in different locations along the way.

A Truck That Makes Its Money Via Catering

This option is perfect for restaurant franchises and catering businesses.

Instead of having to hire a different company (or renting a vehicle and equipment) for your catering services, you can fit — and cook — everything in your truck. Not only that but your brand, logo and name are all over your truck, and people will start associating your truck with your restaurant businesses.

Another perk of catering with a food truck when you already own restaurants is that you can test out new and unique meals at your truck before adding them to your restaurant menus.

All in all, using a food truck for catering can add another stream of income (and service) to your restaurant business.

A Truck That Only Appears At Special Events

This kind of goes along the same lines as using your truck as a catering machine … but it’s a little different because your food truck business will only be used for special events, such as parades, festivals, reunions, weddings (although that can fall under the catering category), food truck events, etc.

In this case, your food truck will only make appearances at these special events as opposed to going from location to location. This route also helps with brand awareness and rolling out a new meal or menu entirely at these special events.

This type of service (if you will) was made for restaurant franchises.

Food Truck Business

A Combination Of All Three

Whether you’re a restaurant franchise owner, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a chef or whatever it might be, with a food truck business, you have the power and ability to do all three things mapped out above.

Food trucks create a lot of freedom and flexibility to do what you want to do with your business.

In fact, many food truck owners travel from location to location, they cater as a side hustle/another source of income and they also attend special events from time to time. By doing all three, you, once again, increase your target audience and brand awareness. You also get to spice up the job by traveling to different venues and serve new customers.

A food truck is mobile for a reason: It was meant to travel to the customers.

There are many paths to take in the food truck industry. Likewise, there are many different ways to increase your income. On top of the three routes above, some owners sell product on their websites, such as shirts and other memorabilia. Some people even sell their product in bulk as another way to increase income.

Regardless, we will leave you with this question: What kind of food truck business do you want to run?

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Reasons To Expand Your Restaurant Business With A Food Truck


3.) Can Get More Involved With Customers And Create A Fun Environment

A food truck owner has the ability to get more involved with the customers because a food truck owner will be taking orders, cooking food and serving customers all right inside of his or her food truck. Not only are you the face of the business but you’re also the one running the show every step of the way.

This makes it possible for you to create the business of your dreams and that could include creating a fun environment. On top of that, food trucks are known for their unique and fun environments because of the food they make and the atmospheres that tend to be attached to them.

There’s no other way to put it: People love food trucks. They get excited when they see one in downtown spots or hear about a food truck being nearby (whether it be because an apartment complex or gym promotes it or whatever it might be).

What’s not to love about food trucks? They tend to bring innovative cuisine to the table and they create environments where people want to be.

With all of that said, a food truck will allow you to get more involved with your customers and you’ll have the ability to create a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

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