5 Custom Concessions Articles That Will Do Mobile Kitchen Owners Wonders In 2017


2017 is almost here, which means food truck owners need to do some serious preparing by creating their goals for the new year. Of course, if you haven’t even entered this fine industry yet, then now is the perfect time to finally make that leap.

In the spirit of New Year’s being a few days away, Custom Concessions is providing prospective and current food truck owners with some gems from 2016. These articles, in a nutshell, will help food truck owners get inspired and motivated for the new year, which will hopefully lead to 2017 being their best year ever.

In every way imaginable, these five Custom Concessions articles will do wonders for mobile kitchen owners in 2017.

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5 Custom Concessions Articles That Will Do Mobile Kitchen Owners Wonders In 2017

Helpful Tips For New Food Truck Owners

A Quick Look: “Are you new to the food truck industry? Perhaps you are more fresh than that and have yet to buy your very own food truck. Therefore, your mind might be racing with questions.”

“For example, you might be wondering what a business plan should include, where you can buy a food truck, if you have what it takes to enter this industry, how social media works and the list goes on and on. While we won’t be answering all of those questions, we will be providing future and relatively new food truck owners with some helpful tips. Use them to your advantage.”

3 Extremely Unique Ways To Attract More Food Truck Customers

A Quick Look: “Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a menu makeover to attract new customers. You don’t even have to change up your brand. While taking extreme measures might help some companies, which includes food truck businesses, you don’t necessarily have to have an extreme makeover to gain new customers.”2017

“If you are struggling to retain customers, or attract them in general, then you are in luck. We understand how hard it can be to attract customers to your food truck during the offseason (aka when the temperatures start to drop). That is why we have provided three extremely unique ways to attract more food truck customers. Use the points below to your advantage, mobile kitchen owners. In the process, you will attract more customers to your truck, which will lead to more business and more money.”

3 Things New Food Truck Business Owners Can’t Forget To Incorporate Into The Mix

A Quick Look: “If you are about to enter the food truck industry, first off, congrats! You are about to embark on the journey that is following your dreams, and you are also about to become a business owner. As a business owner, you need to make sure your food truck is ready for everything.”

“More likely than not, you already picked your location, you already discovered the nightmare that is permits and regulations, you already made your all-star menu that is going to lure in a ton of customers and your truck is 100 percent ready to go. You are set, right?”

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Things A Food Truck Owner Has To Learn On The Job

A Quick Look: “Being a food truck owner is no cakewalk. After all, you are the one who is taking the risk since you are the one who put the money down, and you are also the one who is running the daily operations. No one said the food truck industry was going to be easy, but it is worth it if you are passionate about food and people.”

“As a result of this fine industry being tough to grow and thrive in, there are plenty of things mobile kitchen owners have to learn on the job. You know, if they plan on staying in this industry for a long time. While some days might be easier than others (that’s typically the case for any business, and how life works in general), food truck owners should use every day, every moment, as a learning experience.”

Tips For Picking A Food Truck Concept

A Quick Look: “If you are thinking about entering the food truck industry, then there are about 1,000 different things you are going to have to figure out. While that might be exaggerated a bit, food truck owners have to make a ton of different decisions before they even get their trucks up and running.”

2017“One of those decisions — and it is a very important one — is figuring out what you want your concept to be. Figuring out your concept and menu might not be the easiest decision to make, but once you have made up your mind, you need to stick with your concept (and love it).”

“Branding and marketing aside, your concept and menu alone are going to attract customers. After all, people go to food trucks for the — wait for it — food. And if your concept is good enough, your lines will be flocking with customers in no time.”

If you want to join the food truck industry, then make a plan and join it. Now is the time to join this industry. This is your life and you deserve to be happy, and following your goals and dreams — which is owning a mobile kitchen, of course — is part of that.

If you are looking to break into this industry, make sure to request a custom quote!

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