Why 2017 Is The Perfect Year To Enter The Food Truck Industry


2017 is the perfect year to enter the food truck industry. It really is.

If you have been wanting to enter this fine industry for a long time now, then now is the time to do so. What are you waiting for? If money is keeping you from following your goals and dreams, then look into financing. If you are afraid to take the leap that is, well, following your dreams, then take the leap now or you might never do just that.

2017 is not the year to make excuses. That’s not how you are going to make 2017 the best year ever, after all. Start following your dreams now. Make 2017 the best year yet. Take the major leap that is entering the food truck industry.

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Just in case you aren’t quite convinced yet, here are some reasons why 2017 is the perfect year to enter the food truck industry:

  • The food truck industry is literally booming
  • This industry has not been mastered yet
  • There is still plenty of room for growth
  • We, unfortunately, aren’t getting any younger
  • It’s your dream, and everyone deserves a shot at their dreams
  • You have always wanted to own your own business
  • You have always wanted to be a chef
  • Food trucks are still relatively cheap compared to sit-down restaurants
  • There are still plenty of places that don’t even have a single food truck (spoiler alert: Los Angeles is not one of them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t — or shouldn’t — start up a food truck in L.A.)
  • Your recipes are amazing, and you owe it to the world to share them (well, maybe not the ingredients, but the tasting part)
  • Food trucks are getting more and more popular (there are even food trucks at weddings now!)
  • Food trucks are your calling
  • You could make a lot of money
  • You want to
  • Why not?

The only way you are going to make 2017 the best year of your life is if you actually start chasing your goals and dreams. If your No. 1 dream is to start up a food truck, then you should ask yourself this question: Why haven’t I started up a food truck yet, and why not start one up now?2017

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Everyone deserves to be happy. And the only way everyone is going to be happy is if they go out and get what they want, if they start chasing their dreams. Your dream is being a chef, owning your own business and conquering the food truck industry (or something along those lines).

2017 is the perfect year to enter the food truck industry. So, what are you waiting for? This industry is booming right now. Who knows how long that is going to be the case (hopefully forever). Not to mention, the longer you stay in your current situation, the more comfortable you will become. If you become too comfortable, you might never try to accomplish your dreams. Quit that dead-end job and become a chef in 2017. You deserve to be happy.

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We hope the information in this article and the others provided were helpful. Nonetheless, you were brought to this website for a reason, and it likely had to deal with the fact that you want to own your own mobile catering truck. Why not make the ultimate purchase in 2017? It’s the best year to do so for so many different reasons.

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