Skills Every Food Truck Employee Needs


Having great recipes and an all-star business plan are very important ingredients for both current mobile kitchen owners and folks looking for food trucks for sale. However, quality customer service is also part of the battle, and it is important that food truck employees have the following skills.

Work Ethic

It doesn’t matter where you work — having a good work ethic is a must. The food truck industry is not an exception to the rule.

Be Prepared For Anything

This is basically the case for the restaurant industry in general. While most mobile food trucks likely prepare for certain daily events (such as the lunch rush), there are other unexpected times when a food truck is booming with customers. Moral of the story: Be Prepared for anything, lunch truck owners and employees.

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Customer-Is-Always-Right Approach

Customers are the name of the game for mobile food trucks. Therefore, it is important to use the customer-is-always-right approach to keep the customers happy and the reviews better than average.


Kitchen truck employees need to have patience with the customers, the cooks, with inventory being delivered (or picked up) and the list goes on and on. This is a business, and things don’t always run smoothly 100 percent of the time.

Knowing The Menu

Simply knowing what is on the menu is a good step, but it isn’t the final step. There are plenty of food lovers out there with food allergies, and there are plenty of folks out there who are vegan or vegetarian. Therefore, also knowing all of the ingredients is a very important part of the process that is knowing the menu.

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12592532_1714842215397272_93137128988181585_nBeing Positive No Matter What

Fellow employees (and customers) are likely going to play off of your emotions. That is why it is so important to always be positive, even if a food truck business is having an off day in terms of sales, or whatever it might be.

Time Management

Time management is just one of those things that everyone needs, not just people looking for used food trucks for sale. Good time management leads to the daily operations running smoothly. Bad time management leads to the daily operations not running smoothly, and the aftermath of that can be quite messy.

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