5 Food Holidays Mobile Kitchen Owners Need To Watch Out For In July

Warning: The month of July is filled with food holidays, so there are going to be plenty of delicious days left off this list.

Nonetheless, the five food holidays that follow deserve their own day. Luckily for food lovers from me to you, they get one in the form of a national food holiday. If you are a food truck owner and are operating your own business, there is no reason not to take advantage of these days.

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The Quick List For Food Holidays In July

  • July 4: National BBQ Day
  • July 6: National Fried Chicken Day
  • July 10: National Pina Colada Day
  • July 13: National French Fry Day
  • July 23: National Hot Dog Day

Food HolidaysJuly 4: National BBQ Day

You might notice that National BBQ Day lands on the 4th of July, which makes this the best food holiday in July (perhaps the best one of the year).

For this food holiday, you might as well get wild in the kitchen, food truck owners. Cooking up a storm is certainly a must on this day. So bring out the hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, ribs, bratwursts and anything else you can think of that goes with this theme — there are plenty of options.

July 6: National Fried Chicken Day

Luckily for foodies, National Fried Chicken Day is right after the 4th of July. For this food holiday, it is important to enjoy yourself. So you might as well join the festivities by making up some fried chicken that your customers will love, mobile kitchen owners.

July 10: National Pina Colada Day

Whether you make this an adult beverage or not, this is still a food holiday that couldn’t go unnoticed in July. The best part is the simple fact that this bad boy will keep you cool on a hot summer day — and hot summer days are among us.

July 13: National French Fry DayFood Holidays

French fries deserve their own day, and that day just so happens to be July 13. Whether you like your fries with ketchup or turning them into Elvis Fries, there is no better time to enjoy french fries than on this wonderful food holiday.

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July 23: National Hot Dog Day

There are plenty of food trucks out there that serve up hot dogs on a daily basis, so this is kind of a match made in heaven — wouldn’t you agree?

If you really want to go big on July 23, then you might as well make it a Chicago Dog. Just remember, food holidays are all the rage nowadays, so everyone should be taking advantage of them.

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