Powerful Marketing Tips To Help Promote Your Food Truck

Growing your food truck business is a must in the food truck industry — but you already knew that.

Therefore, you might be wondering of some ways to do just that. Luckily for you, food truck owners, we will be providing you with some powerful marketing tips to help promote your food truck, which will hopefully help bring your business to the next level.

13116184_1723275477887279_693266609494098263_oWhether you have been going at the food industry strong for years or are in the midst of browsing food trucks for sale, these tips could help you do wonders.

Post Pictures And Videos — And More Pictures And Videos After That

If you go onto Facebook, Twitter or whichever social network you prefer, you will likely notice a ton of pictures and videos of food. Recipe videos are a very common occurrence on Facebook as well.

This is great if you are a mobile kitchen owner because you could (and should) post pictures of your own food on your favorite social networks. People are never going to get sick of seeing food dripping with deliciousness, amirite?

Use this tool, and use it rather frequently.

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Give Away Free Food On Facebook

It doesn’t have to be a year’s supply of food, folks. It can simply be a free meal or side. It can also be given away for something simple, such as the 10,000 person who has liked your Facebook account.

Get creative and then start giving, owners of lunch trucks.

Have Contests

You know, the ones that feature you giving away free food. The biggest thing is that you are engaging with your followers, which could lead to said followers making many stops at your food truck.

Try Out Loyalty Programs

Loyal gourmet food truck customers love loyalty programs, because they can lead to free food, and rewards in general.

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Email Newslettersmaine-lobster-59

This might not be the newest trick on the block, but it is one that still works. The best part is you can fill your newsletter with what you want your followers to see.

Here are some examples: A new item hitting the menu, specials for the week (or month), links to blogs that support your mobile catering truck and pictures of food.

Respond To Your Fans

You are the authority figure. As a result, your social media fans will get a kick out of you responding to them. It’s all about the engagement, kitchen truck owners.

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