A Very Foodie Christmas: Top 10 Things on Our Food Truck Wishlist

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So, you’re looking to get your first food truck and ready to hit the towns and cities all around your neighborhood with the best grub on wheels. Congratulations!

While you’re making plans for your new food truck, you’ll want to consider what extra features can make your business really stand out to potential customers. Check out our food truck wishlist to help you figure out the extras that are out there and why each one is so great.

Food Truck Wishlist Top 10

1. Pizza Oven

No great food truck was ever great without pizza on the menu. It’s a go-to snack for many food truck foodies. Your food truck will thrive with this worthy addition.

2. Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

Remember the old days when the ice-cream truck came rolling through the neighborhood and all the kids were running out to greet it? Now you can be the ice cream delivery guy or girl, but with snacks for the adults, too!

3. Exterior Beverage Vending Taps

Nobody wants food without a drink to wash it down. Installing beverage vending taps for coffee, beer, and/or soft drinks is a sure way to win over your customer base.

4. 360-Degree Cameras

Besides the food, there are some options that you can add to your food truck that will help you get where you’re going. Cameras, for example, are helpful for navigating such a large vehicle. You can park more easily and get the doors open for those hungry patrons.

5. Mobile Wi-Fi Kit

Everybody needs Wi-Fi these days and when people are eating, they like to surf the web. There’s no better way to attract  clientele than to have Wi-Fi capability while they wait for that scrumptious snack you’re cooking up.

6. Exterior TV

Rather than have menus flying off the truck in the breeze, why not install an exterior TV to showcase your menu and photos of your delicious food? You can even add the option for customers to see when their orders are ready, so they won’t crowd the truck while others are trying to order.

Or you can use your exterior TV for sometime more creative. Maybe you’ll be the food truck that plays cartoons or music videos for your customers to watch while standing in line.

7. Rooftop Signboards

Rooftop signboards allow customers to see your truck from farther away as you stand taller than all the other food trucks around. They also provide a more finished and professional look for your traveling business.

8. Specialty Lighting

Specialty lighting like LED under glow or LED rope lights along the roof or awning of your food truck adds sparkle and shine. You might also like to install spotlights and/or flashers for when your service is running through the night.

9. Power Awning

It gets hot out in the sun after just a couple of minutes. If you live and work in a warm sunny climate, a power awning for shade or even protection from light drizzle will impress your customers. Powered awnings are quicker and easier to set up than an awning you have to crank out by hand.

10. Full Graphics Wrap

A full graphics wrap can serve as a mobile billboard for your brand. Go ahead, wrap the entire truck, including the roof—that way customers will be able to recognize you anywhere you go, including the office workers in that 20 story building across from where you park during city lunches.

BONUS: Telematics and GPS

Telematics and GPS will let your customers know where you are located. Not to mention that you can more easily comply with health code requirements about the length of stay and proximity to brick and mortar businesses. You’ll also have braking and accelerating data on file so you can see how your drivers are doing.

What’s on Your Food Truck Wishlist?

Now that you know all about the awesome features you can incorporate into your food truck, what else is on your Christmas wishlist? Maybe you’d like some mobile dining options like folding chairs and tables. The options are practically endless when you use a little creativity!

When you’re ready to invest in your food truck enterprise, please, contact us. We know what it takes, and we can get your the right mobile kitchen to help your business thrive.

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