How A New Food Truck Owner Can Conquer The Mobile Kitchen Industry


Whether you are new to the food truck industry or are getting ready to enter, you, of course, want to get started on the right foot so you can see an overwhelming amount of success right off the bat.

With that said, it’s important to keep two things in mind: (1) Not everyone succeeds overnight in this industry, because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and (2) we are about to drop some tips that will help you conquer the mobile kitchen industry right away.

You might be new to the mobile kitchen industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dive into a pile of success right out of the gate.

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How A New Food Truck Owner Can Conquer The Mobile Kitchen Industry

  • Study What Everyone Else Is Doing
  • Fire Up That Social Media Game
  • Cook Your Food With Love
  • Break Into Catering And Food Truck Events Early On
  • Create Your Dream Team
  • Take Hustle To The Ultimate Level

Study What Everyone Else Is Doing

If you are still browsing food trucks for sale, then you should really be taking this step into account. You should be studying successful food trucks to see what they are doing right and wrong. While you, of course, aren’t trying to steal all of their secrets, you are just trying to do your homework by learning from the competition.

This type of practice, if you will, takes place in every other industry, so why not incorporate it into the food truck industry? Study what the competition is doing so you have a good idea of what you are about to get yourself into when you finally have a lunch truck of your own.


Fire Up That Social Media Game

Before you even step foot in this industry, you should be making your presence known on social media. If, for whatever reason, you decide to skip this step, then we will leave you with this question: How are people going to know your food truck business exists?

While word of mouth is still a valuable avenue in the food truck industry, social media makes it possible to spread your message, and make your food truck brand known, without even leaving the house, and it also works like a charm.

Now more than ever (you know, right before you are about to enter the industry, or shortly after), you should be attracting people and getting your business’ name out there on social media. This alone could lead to you gaining customers right away.

Cook Your Food With Love

Your No. 1 product is your food. If you mess up, even if it is just one meal, then don’t be surprised when a bad review pops up online and you lose a customer for good.

You became a food truck owner because you are passionate about food, so now is the time to show off your skills in the kitchen. If you treat every meal like it is the most important meal ever, and take pride in your work, then it will surely show, and you will likely have no problem retaining customers. Good food is good food, after all, and people can’t get enough of it.

Break Into Catering And Food Truck Events Early On

The sooner you break into catering and start tackling food truck events, the sooner you will have more than one source of income. Not only that, but you will meet and serve people who you would have never met before.

Food truck events and catering gigs are not only important when it comes to making more money, but they are also important when it comes to your brand, and getting your food truck’s name out there.

While it is okay to take things slow when you first enter this industry, it’s important to make as big of an impact as possible when you can. You can achieve that goal by cooking up amazing food, marketing your truck and also venturing to different events so more people know who you are.

Create Your Dream Team

Here’s another before-you-step-foot-in-the-food-truck-industry step.

You can’t go at things alone. You need invaluable team members surrounding you, ones who have the same goals and dreams that you do, and ones who are just as passionate about cooking up a storm in the kitchen as you.

With that in mind, entering the food truck industry is not cheap, so you might not be able to hire an employee until after you open up your food truck. If that is the case, then we understand, but a dream team alone can help you take your food truck business to ultimate heights, so make sure you start piecing yours together when you can.

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Take Hustle To The Ultimate Level

It is easy to get discouraged as a business owner. You put your heart and soul into your business, and it’s devastating when you aren’t really seeing it pay off. However, no matter which industry you are trying to conquer, you can never stop hustling, you can never become complacent and you have to be consistent in your efforts. If you want something bad enough, then you have to show up and give it your all every single day.

If you are always hustling, if you are always doing things to help out your business, even when you aren’t technically on the clock/at your mobile kitchen, then you will start to separate yourself from the crowd. Success will shine down on you in no time.

If you want to succeed as a food truck owner, then you have to show that by hustling, by never giving up, by taking advantage of every opportunity, by being the best food truck owner you can possibly be.

Never stop hustling. Ever.

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