Things That Are Stopping You From Entering The Food Truck Industry

Food Truck Industry

More likely than not, you want to enter the food truck industry. In fact, it is likely your No. 1 dream. Unfortunately, there is something stopping you from pulling the trigger and finally following your goals/dreams.

Just remember, future food truck owners, everyone deserves to be happy, and everyone certainly deserves a shot at their dreams. While there are likely an endless amount of reasons why you haven’t entered the mobile kitchen industry yet, it’s time to put a plan in place, a plan that will lead to you becoming a mobile catering owner during this lifetime.

Below, we have provided some reasons why you are likely not entering the food truck industry. In the grand scheme of things, they are just excuses. Do what you were born to do by becoming a mobile kitchen owner! Don’t let these excuses hold you back.

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Things That Are Stopping You From Entering The Food Truck Industry

  • Making A Business Plan
  • Coming Up With An Actual Food Truck Concept
  • The Funds
  • Possibly Your Current Job
  • Being Afraid To Follow Your Dreams

Making A Business Plan

Making a business plan takes a lot of research, creativity and time, and it is 100 percent needed. Unfortunately, you likely just want to cook food and make people happy — you don’t want to create a business plan.

Whether you sit down with someone and crank this thing out, or write it up yourself, it has to be done. This is the plan for your entire business.

Reminder: If you want to make it in the food truck industry, you have to be more than a chef. You also have to be business savvy.

Food Truck Industry

Coming Up With An Actual Food Truck Concept

Sure, you love to cook, and your friends and family have always told you that you should become a chef, but what are you going to cook? In other words, what is your food concept going to be? Are you going to cook American food, pizza, Mexican food, Thai food or [fill in the blank]? There are an endless amount of options, and you can mix and match, but you have to pick something.

Not knowing what you want to cook alone could keep you from entering this fine industry.

The Funds

This is likely the biggest reason why people don’t enter the food truck industry. After all, it is going to cost a small fortune to purchase a food truck and all of the equipment, especially if you buy a high-end food truck, which we very much recommend.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to buy a food truck. In fact, here are some options for you: (1) Ask your friends and family for the money, and save every penny on top of that. (2) Finance your food truck.

Possibly Your Current Job

If you are at a job that pays the bills and then some, then it might not make sense for you to enter the mobile kitchen industry.

The logic here: Why would you leave a cozy job that you can retire at for a major risk like being a food truck owner? The answer: Because it’s your dream, and everyone deserves a shot at their dreams. Don’t be afraid to take the risk, and don’t forget that everyone fails from time to time.

Being Afraid To Follow Your Dreams

If everyone followed their dreams, then more people would be happy. So many people are working at dead-end jobs, and jobs they hate in general.

However, following your dreams is not easy, and you realize that. This fact alone, and being afraid to fail, is stopping you from being the person you were meant to be. That’s a real shame. If you want your dreams to come true, you eventually have to take the leap.

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