3 Ways Future Food Truck Owners Can Use Startup Capital To Their Advantage


Is 2017 the year that you finally join the food truck industry?

If so, then that’s great! Making that decision is rather tough, but if you have planned out everything (you know, like making a great business plan, creating the recipes, knowing what meals you will make and everything else you have to have to succeed in this industry), then you should be more than ready to take on the life of a food truck owner.

We are here to go over three ways future food truck owners can use startup capital to their advantage. So, were you thinking about buying everything on your own, such as the actual food truck, the equipment and all of the inventory, or were you looking for some help in that department? Whatever the case, startup capital is here to help. It could be the difference between you having enough money to become a mobile kitchen owner and you not having enough money to become a mobile kitchen owner.

Side note: You don’t want to take out money just because you can. You need a plan of attack in hopes of paying back the money, first and foremost.

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3 Ways Future Food Truck Owners Can Use Startup Capital To Their Advantage

  • Buying The Actual Food Truck
  • Money For Other Things, Such As Hiring Employees And Marketing
  • Having Money To Stay Afloat

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Buying The Actual Food Truck

Startup capital can, of course, help you buy the actual food truck as well as all of the food truck equipment you will need. If there is no way you can save up $75,000 or more (at least during this lifetime) but you have already created a solid business plan and planned out your entire food truck journey (you know what your food truck concept will be, what your plan of attack in the offseason is, etc.), then startup capital might be worth it, and it also might be your only option to start up a lunch truck business.Capital

While a food truck tends to cost less money than a sit-down restaurant, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why you wanted to join this industry, a mobile kitchen is still not cheap. Startup capital (via funding, a loan, food truck financing) might be the only way you can afford to buy your office space, your food truck, which is why it could be essential for you, future food truck owner.

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Money For Other Things, Such As Hiring Employees And Marketing

How can food truck owners use startup capital to their advantage? Simple. They can use the money for things that aren’t the food truck, equipment and inventory. You might already have that portion of your business covered, after all.

Before we break down these other things, it’s important to note that you will need money for things that aren’t the food truck, equipment and the actual food. If you don’t know that by now, then you likely aren’t ready to break into this industry.

Startup capital can help you hire — and pay, of course — a couple of employees. Employees are essential when it comes to a business, which means startup capital could be essential when it comes to making this dream come true, the dream that is owning a food truck. You might also need money for marketing, permits — you name it. Permits are pretty important in this industry. You can’t park wherever you want.

In terms of marketing, if you don’t market your truck (digital marketing is blowing up right now, and that will likely stay the case for a while), then how do you expect people to find out about your business?

Startup capital isn’t only for office space. It also could be used for, well, everything else.

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Having Money To Stay Afloat

What else can startup capital be used for? Other than inventory, office space (the food truck), hiring more employees, marketing and things of that nature, startup capital can also be used to keep you and your company afloat. With that in mind, if you actually qualify for a loan, you cannot abuse it.

CapitalJust because that money is in your account, you can’t just spend it freely. It should be used for your business. You already know that, though.

Startup capital can come in handy if something happens to your truck, whether it be engine failure or a piece of equipment breaking. It could be used for inventory. It could be used for anything you need when it comes to starting up your business. This money will be used for the first year or so when you are first starting out.

If you have an amazing business plan, your food is delicious, you have a great location picked out, etc., but you need some money to make your dream happen, then startup capital could help. Use it to your advantage, future food truck owners.

If you are looking to break into this industry, make sure to request a custom quote!

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