Tips For Creating A Unique Food Truck Menu


One way to succeed in the food truck industry: Be unique.

After all, if you plan on standing out among all of the food trucks that are sprouting up across America, then you have to stand out in some fashion, and the best way to do that is by being unique.

One of the ways you can achieve that feat is by creating a unique food truck menu, and if you are in the market for exactly that, you are in luck, because we will be unleashing five tips to help you create a unique food truck menu.

Check them out below!

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Tips For Creating A Unique Food Truck Menu

  • Build A Unique Brand
  • Incorporate Unique Recipes
  • A Twist On Basic Food Items
  • Get Psychological With The Menu
  • Tailor Your Meals Around Your Customers

Build A Unique Brand

There are so many ways to achieve a unique brand in this industry. For starters, you can be quirky in some fashion, you can create a food truck tailored around dogs (trust us, it exists!), you can offer up food that isn’t typically served in this industry and you can simply be your unique self, and let your identity, if you will, shine on your food truck brand.

Build a food truck business in your image, with your ideas. That’s how you achieve the feat that is building a unique brand.

Incorporate Unique Recipes

If you want a unique menu, then you can start by incorporating unique recipes. You are the chef here, so this step is 100 percent up to you. Of course, you likely have some delicious family recipes up your sleeve, and you should bring them into play if you want to create a unique menu.


A Twist On Basic Food Items

What do we mean by this? Simple. Literally add your own twist to basic food items. For example, add lobster to macaroni and cheese, bacon to ice cream, cucumbers to water, etc.

Of course, those cards have already been played out a time or two, so it is up to you to come up with your own twists! Nonetheless, this step will help you achieve the goal that is creating a unique menu.

Get Psychological With The Menu

Create your menu in a way that is going to attract your customers psychologically. For example, make your specials/house favorites stand out. You can do this by bolding these items, or making them different than other items in some fashion. You can also add pictures of items that you know your customers will love, or items you really want to push.

Do your research when it comes to making your food truck menu, and don’t be afraid to get a little psychological with this process.

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Tailor Your Meals Around Your Customers

If you really want to make your menu unique, then you can listen to your customers’ wants and needs. Ask them what they would like to see at your food truck, and then add some version of the meal/food item they are calling for. Of course, you don’t want to only incorporate meals that your food truck customers want to see — because this is your business, and you are the owner and chef — but it’s okay, and rather unique, to give your customers what they want in some form.

Tailor your meals around your customers — that’s certainly one way to make your mobile kitchen menu stand out.

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