Ways To Attract More Food Truck Customers This Spring

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Spring is finally here, food truck owners. What does this mean? Well, it simply means the busy season is right around the corner. Now is the time to really get your mobile kitchen running on all cylinders.

While spring isn’t necessarily going to be as busy as the summer (depending on where you live), most food truck owners should still see an increase in sales. Also, since more people tend to start venturing to food trucks during this time, it provides mobile kitchen owners with the perfect opportunity to get prepared for summer.

In the grand scheme of things, more customers means more sales, which means more money for your food truck business. Therefore, we have come up with some ways to attract more customers during spring. Use them to your advantage, food truckers.

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Ways To Attract More Food Truck Customers This Spring

  • Target the spring breakers. It is spring break season, after all. While you don’t want to completely base your strategy around targeting spring breakers, it is okay to try to attract them to your truck. Here are a couple of tips for this strategy: In hopes of targeting big groups, hold specials surrounding big groups. You could also have special spring prices.
  • Drop new meals. People love to try new food. Your regulars probably wouldn’t mind seeing a new menu item, even if it’s only for a limited time. Also, if this meal works like a charm, and people are buying it left and right, then think about making it a mainstay during the summer.
  • Test things out in general when it comes to your menu. This alone could help you create the perfect summer menu. And it could, of course, attract more customers to your food truck during spring.
  • Up your social media efforts. If you haven’t been posting on a regular basis during winter, then now is the time to start posting on a regular basis. Get into a routine, create a daily/weekly strategy. Reminder: Social media is a very valuable weapon for business owners, and food truckers have to take advantage. Hold giveaways, ask your customers what they want to see at your truck this year (or questions in general), post pictures of your delicious meals and come up with a posting strategy, one that you will follow each and every week.
  • Remind your customers that spring is here, and also give them a reason to come to your truck. The point here is to make your food truck known.
  • Add summer-like items, even if you don’t plan on keeping them on your menu in the long run. Spoiler: Items like ice cream, smoothies, hot dogs and cold beverages of any kind are typically welcomed with open arms when the temperatures start to heat up.
  • Look back at your numbers. See what worked (and what didn’t work) last year around this time, and then apply what you learned to this year. The longer you are a food truck owner, the more meaningful this process will become.
  • Work on building a community, because that is something that many successful food truck businesses have — a community.
  • Work on your customer service, and really make it a goal this spring to take your customer service game to the next level.
  • Enjoy the process. You entered the food truck industry because it was your dream. Yes, this is a tough industry to conquer, but appreciate what you have (a food truck business), always think of new ways to be better and don’t take this golden opportunity for granted. Above all else, have fun and cook like you’ve never cooked before!

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