7 Food Truck Prep Tips For Spring 2021

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Owning a food truck is an exciting venture, but it comes with its challenges. If you own a food truck in a place with harsh winters and shut down or have reduced sales during the off-season, one of those challenges is preparing to restart operations in the spring. 

Spring will be here before we know it, so make sure your food truck is prepared for maximum growth. Bring your business out of hibernation effectively so you can serve more customers without skipping a beat.

Let’s breakdown seven food truck prep tips for Spring 2021. 

1. Amp Up Your Menu

If you offered a limited selection during the winter slow time, now’s the time to surprise and delight your customers with new options. Get creative and try to offer seasonal foods that will become a staple of springtime.

2. Hit Social Media Hard

If you stepped back on social media because there wasn’t as much going on, now’s the time to boost your online presence so your customers know you’re back in business. Utilize tools that engage with your audience, like polls and question boxes on Instagram.

3. Target Spring Breakers

If hungry spring breakers descend in throngs on your town every March, make a plan to serve them. You could offer special prices and menu items just for spring break, or offer a coupon if they post a picture with your truck on social media.

4. Plan Ahead for Summer

You should start seeing more sales in the spring, but it most likely won’t be up to summer levels yet. Use your time wisely throughout the spring to plan your summer strategy, and start booking outdoor events and festivals coming up in the summer months now. 

5. Offer Seasonal Drinks

Your customers are ready to shake off their winter coats and enjoy warm weather again, so offer them something cool and refreshing to drink. Make it tropical with spring flavors, like cherry, pineapple, or mango. 

6. Sweeten Up Your Menu

Add new dessert items that your customers have been craving all winter, like ice cream sandwiches or gourmet popsicles. They’ll jump at anything that reminds them that summer is coming.

7. Have Fun Experimenting

Things are picking up again, but you won’t be as slammed in spring as you will be in summer. This is a time to test drive menu options and see what works. If there are things you’ve always wanted to try but you weren’t sure how they’d sell, add them to the rotation in the springtime. You may have new hits or you’ll learn what doesn’t work, but either way, it will be fun to experiment before you get too busy.  

Springtime Food Truck Prep Tips for Success

Food truck seasonal challenges are nothing new in this industry, but with a little prep and creativity, your business can thrive during the spring. Have fun trying new things during these months, and don’t forget to take advantage of spring breakers. 

It’s also the perfect time to do food truck prep for your busiest season coming up, summer. For all the tips you need to help your food truck business thrive year-round, check out our blog.

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