How to Use Instagram As a Marketing Tool: A Guide for Food Truck Owners

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Thousands of people get lost in the infinite Instagram scroll.

We follow friends, family members, and influencers we like on daily basis through the power of social media. It seems like Instagram has taken over the social media world, and it’s become of the most popular apps for our phones.

Because of its popularity, Instagram can be a powerful tool for marketing your food truck. Seeing photos of your delicious dishes and fire graphics wrap is sure to tempt potential customers.

Below is a quick guide for food truck owners on how to use Instagram as a marketing tool. Keep reading, and get ready for a business boost.

Know the Features

Before getting into the details, it’s important to know how to use Instagram. 

Most importantly, know how to use the posting feature. Regularly create posts with witty captions and strategic hashtags

Next, make sure you follow other accounts. Follow other food trucks you like, local businesses, and some of your favorite customers.

You’ll also want to explore the Instagram stories feature. Instagram stories are up for 24 hours at a time. You can create boomerangs, make polls, share music, tag other people, and post pictures. For food truck operators, the story feature can be where you share your current location so customers will know where to find you.

Build Engagement

People love a responsive, engaged business. You’ll be able to connect with locals through the magic of social media. (Tip: Use social media to connect people with your mobile business app.)

Make sure to always tag your location so people can easily find your truck. You can even put your location in your bio section on your profile. Use the story option to update people daily on your location and hours if it changes. 

It’s important to either check your account regularly or turn on your notifications, so you’ll know if a customer tags you in a post. You can share these, if they’re positive, to showcase your customer satisfaction. If a customer posts something negative, it gives you a chance to respond, rectify the situation and possibly gain a loyal patron. 

A great way to engage customers is by creating polls in your stories. Ask people whether they prefer deep dish or thin crust pizza, curly or waffle fries, or sweet tea or lemonade. Polls are a great way to get feedback about your menu or decide on weekly specials.

Create Incentives

Create small incentives like giveaways and rewards for tagging your business. For example, if someone posts a picture of your food truck on Instagram and tags you, give them a coupon or a free food item.

You can also ask followers to share your posts. Make it a contest and randomly draw a lucky winner to receive free meal. Some food trucks have even been creating virtual scavenger hunts by hiding small free meal tickets in their area. They give clues on social media to get people to try and find them.

By creating fun opportunities, you’ll bring in new customers and cement your popularity with loyal diners.

Successful Food Truck Owners Use the Power of Instagram

All food truck owners should be using Instagram to attract customers. It’s simple and effective.

Make sure you know all the features of Instagram and take time to explore them. Build engagement on your profile, and take the time to answer questions and comments. 

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