Is the Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck Making a Comeback?

photo of a white and blue ice cream truck parked in a parking lot on a sunny day

This past summer was tough for many businesses, including ice cream trucks. Kids missed seeing them around at the beginning of summer, but even as the weather cools we’re starting to see a surge of portable ice cream!

Keep reading to learn how your local ice cream truck is making a comeback, and how you can safely support them!

Technology Boosts Ice Cream Truck Sales

When we were kids we had to wait to hear the iconic song that told us the truck was near. Now, you can look the schedule up online and see where they are. Not only that, but you can also follow them on social media and even text them in some cases to find out when they’ll be near. 

It doesn’t matter that they’ve changed the tune nowadays, it’s no longer needed to find your favorite truck.

Technology has also helped amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Mobile businesses like ice cream trucks can inform people how to safely purchase goods from the truck before they get there. You can post the CDC guidelines so people know how to enjoy their treat while protecting themselves.

Food trucks have been shown to help with social distancing as long as you follow the regulations.

Better Trucks

The trucks used today are much more efficient compared to the trucks of 20 years ago. They’re able to keep food frozen longer, store more ice cream, and offer more ways to serve customers safely. 

More recently, they’ve also been outfitted to comply with local and federal social distancing guidelines. With more windows, you can designate one for paying and one for picking up, meaning you’re able to keep people further apart.

The Rise of Food Delivery

Of course, before the pandemic, we had food delivery services, but that hardly compares to how much food we get delivered now. There are more Americans getting food delivered during the pandemic than any other time period.

It makes sense too, if you can’t leave your home you need to get food delivered to your house. That means sometimes forgoing treats like ice cream or snacks.

However, thanks to ice cream trucks you can get treats right to your home. This is especially great for parents with young children. They don’t really understand what’s going on right now and just want to go out and have fun. 

Thinking of Starting an Ice Cream Truck Business?

It can still be profitable to start an ice cream truck business. If you’ve been thinking about starting one, don’t let the pandemic hold you back from your dreams.

You can get food truck financing to get a beautiful truck fairly easily. Even in the fall, you can be successful with your business if you put your passion in to your work. 

Enjoy Your Treats Today

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