Small Town Business: How To Succeed With Your Food Truck

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Often times when you hear of someone starting a food truck, they either live in a big city, or they’re planning to move there and make a go of it. But a food truck business can operate successfully in smaller cities and towns as well; you don’t necessarily need to make that big move if you like the small-town atmosphere better.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to making the most of your small town business food truck.


Your food truck’s location is critical to generating repeat sales and overall success. You cannot expect to see enough customers if you are off the beaten path.

Instead, find a main road that town residents often visit. Perhaps near a popular shopping center, in the downtown historic district, or near a major highway for commuters.

Each town has different rules for zoning regarding where you can set up shop. When doing the research to select your location, reach out to your local government to get clearance.

Create a Unique Menu

Each small town has a set of dining staples. It is hard to compete against local spots with a great reputation and a loyal customer base.

One way start building your own customer base is by offering a unique menu. If you offer exciting food items that are not available anywhere else nearby, customers are more likely to come. Since small towns tend to have fewer different types of food on offer, if you bring in something completely new people are bound to be curious and give your treats a try.

Use Digital Marketing

You cannot rely on location alone to attract customers. You need to get the word out in other ways. Social media and e-mail marketing are effective digital marketing measures to reach new and existing customers.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide business owners with a valuable tool. You can generate buzz for your food truck online. Be sure to share high-quality images of your food to attract likes and shares.

Many successful food trucks ask their customers to follow them on social media. You can also collect e-mail addresses at the point of sale. This way, you can mass distribute coupons, specials, and exciting additions to the menu.

Price for Success

A key component to long-term success is finding the right price range for your menu. Of course, you do not want the menu to be overly expensive. Most people do not expect to spend a fortune at a food truck.

At the same time, you need to generate enough revenue to keep the business afloat. The cost of each menu item needs to reflect the labor required and the ingredients included. It is important that you find the right balance between profit and an attractive price.

Succeeding With Your Small Town Business Food Truck

Your food truck is the recipe for navigating these challenging times. Food trucks do not rely on indoor dining to bring in customers and you don’t have to be in a big city to operate one. Instead, you can generate revenue with unique menu items.

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