3 Ways to Get Customer Feedback About Your Food Truck

female customer getting fries from a food truck vendor

Food trucks have experienced a revival, especially as a safe and delicious option for getting takeout food in the age of coronavirus. However, due to their changing locations or lack of permanent space, sometimes it can be difficult to build a loyal customer base. 

One of the best ways to get the word out about your food truck is to generate customer feedback. The more customer reviews your business receives, the more exposure and buyers you will get. Here are a few ways that you will get many more reviews and boost your business profile in no time. 

1. Post Regularly on Social Media

A good social media presence is essential for your business. You should set up social media accounts for posting business updates, new menu additions, and promotions or specials your food truck may run. Some of the best social media sites for restaurants include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and even TikTok.

When your customers follow you on social media, you’re giving them the opportunity to engage with your business. When they leave feedback on your photos in the form of comments, your social media algorithm will boost your online presence and expose your business to more potential customers.

2. Remind Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Online reviews can be a huge advantage for your business, and they are also a completely organic way to generate customer comments. If your business has an online presence on review sites like Yelp and Google, then your customers can easily give you a star rating and leave their comments.

Reviewing a business through a third-party site is one of the easiest feedback methods. Your customers will be prompted to rate the business, leave their review, and usually have the option to upload photos. You can also easily respond to customer comments through these sites. 

3. Have Unforgettable Menu Items

For positive feedback, a foolproof way to generate more customer comments, along with interest in your food truck business, is to be unique. Make sure if you have a signature dish, promote it, and if you don’t, you should think about adding dishes to your menu that will make your business stand out. 

If customers see there is something unique about your food truck, then they are much more likely to leave a positive review or give you firsthand feedback about what they enjoyed about their experience. Be sure to remind them to give their feedback when their order is complete. 

Customer Feedback is Key to Expanding Your Business

When you run a food truck, you rely on your customers to keep you in business, which is one of the many reasons why customer feedback can be so important. For even more customer comments, you should consider letting customers fill out a survey in change for coupons or freebies. 

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