5 Reasons Starting a Food Truck Makes Sense for Your Restaurant

photo of wooden serving boards full of pub-style food on the counter in a rustic restaurant

Photo by Paula Vermeulen on Unsplash

In the US, there are tons of food trucks serving delicious delicacies across the country!

Do you own a sit-down restaurant? Although it may seem odd, there are many ways in which starting a food truck can seriously improve your business.

In this article, we’ll look at just a few ways a food truck can help bring even more success to your restaurant!

1. A Food Truck Can Reach New Audiences

With a food truck, you can target the audiences you want to bring into your restaurant. 

Perhaps you recently launched a vegan menu that most people don’t know about? Take your food truck to a vegan market. Here, you can show off your delicious new menu and tell people about your sit-down location.

Do you want young people to know that your food is affordable? Take your food truck to a festival and showcase your cheaper prices!

2. Create a Social Media Savvy Brand

If you aren’t already on social media, you should be. Almost 70% of American adults use social media. In order to attract attention on these platforms, you need to be doing something a little bit different. 

A food truck is a great way to impress. Perhaps your food truck occasionally gives out free hot dogs? Maybe your servers do a dance every time they serve a mojito?

Whatever it is, create an Instagrammable food truck and even include your hashtag on the side to get more people talking about you across social media. 

3. You Already Have a Prep Kitchen

If you own a restaurant, then you’ll already have all of the equipment to use your restaurant kitchen as a prep kitchen for your food truck.

Of course, there are many other things to consider when starting up a food truck. But, once you have your truck and paperwork in order, it’s time to get your business on the road.

Low operation costs mean this is one of the best ways to advertise your restaurant! Furthermore, you know the food business better than if you were starting from scratch.

4. Gain Useful Customer Feedback

Are you planning on changing up your menu but aren’t sure how well it will do? This is the perfect time to take to your food truck. By finding an area of your city which has high foot traffic, you can sell your new concoctions to a variety of people.

Why not reduce the price in exchange for true customer feedback? Provide pens, paper, and a little postbox so that responses are anonymous.

This feedback will be much more reliable, and therefore more valuable than your mom’s opinion!

5. Meet Other Local Businesses

When you’re inside all day, you won’t be meeting others who work in small, local businesses. By getting out and about, you’ll meet people who work nearby and who can provide insider tips and tricks.

Perhaps by branching out and meeting more people in your neighborhood, you’ll find a new, cheaper supplier. This is also a great way to find new staff.

Starting a Food Truck Is Worthwhile

When it comes to starting a food truck, you need to remember to put in the research and make sure you’re not breaking any local laws. Having all of your paperwork in order can be a long process. But, when you’re up and running, there are so many benefits of owning a food truck.

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