7 Essential Tips for Food Truck Advertising on Social Media

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In the United States alone, there are over 25,000 food trucks!

How do you make yours stand out in a sea of others?

One key is through food truck advertising on social media. Keep reading to discover seven tips for a successful social media strategy. 

1. Keep Your Socials Updated

When it comes to social media advertising for your food truck, nothing is more important than keeping your socials up to date! You shouldn’t make an Instagram one week and then neglect it the next. If people come across one of your social media platforms that seems abandoned, they’ll think that your food truck has been too.

2. Location Information

As a food truck, you’re constantly on the move. At any given time, if someone feels like eating a burrito from your truck specifically, they should be able to look on any of your socials and find out where you will be and at what times. 

Customers don’t have the luxury of always counting on your truck to be there, like with a brick and mortar store. Think of updating your social media with your location as paying your rent to stay in the same spot. It needs to be done!

You can make it easier on yourself by linking your socials to one location page that you update.

3. Menus (With Labels)

Perhaps one of the worst things about trying to eat out is trying to find a menu that seems ever so elusive. Very few people want to go to a restaurant if they have no idea what their options will be and how much they’ll cost. Your socials should include a way to easily access your current menu. 

Additionally, so many people these days have dietary restrictions, whether vegetarian, vegan or food allergies. Your menu should be very clear about what’s in your dishes and should be labeled accordingly. 

4. Use Stories

People love to know who’s behind the wheel and the spatula! So let your customers get to know you. Post stories about where you are on any given day, what new recipes you’re creating, and the amazing customers that you meet. 

Stories will help you connect with new clients and reconnect with old ones and they’re especially popular at food truck festivals

5. Repost User Content

It’s common practice to take photos of your food, especially when it’s from a food truck that’s active on social media. People love to feel heard, so a repost to the feed or to your story is a fantastic way to grow a loyal following. Plus, it saves you a lot of time creating your own photos. 

Use a social media scheduling service that keeps track of user-generated content and allows you to quickly organize your social feeds. 

6. Offer Unique Discounts

Offering discounts on your food for a follow on social media is a great way to get new followers and loyal customers. Every few weeks post something special on one of your accounts with a unique “codeword” that gets people a discount or bonus item.

7. Engage, Engage, Engage

On all of your socials, you need to constantly be engaging—whether with customers, foodies, bloggers, or other food trucks. Seeing your username popping up in feeds and comments will create brand recognition, and more importantly, get you new customers. 

Start Your Food Truck Advertising Plan Today

Now that you know how food truck advertising on social media works, plan your own strategy. Set up times throughout the day to be active on social media and to update your location. 

Keep reading to discover more tips and tricks to a successful food truck business!

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