Food Truck Pros And Cons: Operating Your Food Truck In A Big City

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When you run a food truck business, there are several variables you’ll need to consider if you want to succeed. Food trucks can succeed in all kinds of settings—urban centers, small towns, beach destinations, ski resorts and many more. 

Before choosing where you want to run your truck, be sure and consider the pros and cons of each. In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of operating your truck in a big city. While there’s lots of opportunity, you need to know all of the risks as well.  

1. Big City Competition is Fierce and Plentiful

Los Angeles is one of the food truck capitals of the world. You can earn lots of money in a market like this—but keep in mind that the competition is also plentiful and intense. 

There are more food truck businesses in operation, many of which have been around for many years. Customers in these cities are savvy, have high expectations, and lots of diverse options to choose from. They are often looking for unique food of high quality. 

2. Zoning Laws

Running your food truck in the big city means you also have more zoning laws, permits, and red tape to satisfy. 

Understand the laws of your state and city when it comes to starting a food truck business. Knowing the laws will show you where you can operate and under what regulations. You’ll avoid fines and getting shut down. 

3. Plentiful Opportunities

Not only are there more food truck customers in the big city, but you’ll also have more catering opportunities. You can set up a spot at concerts, art events, business conventions, and the myriad of other social activities that take place. Just be sure and find out what the requirements are for getting approved for these types of events.

When you know your customers’ niche, you can reach them in new and different ways. There is plenty of room for growth when you embrace food truck culture and run your business with your customer in mind. 

4. Build Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Having a food truck is an excellent first step into the world of entrepreneurship. Running a truck lets you become your own boss and teaches you strategies for generating your own income. Several professionals who own entire fleets started with a single food truck. 

Taking your food truck to a larger city will certainly challenge you in your entrepreneurial skills. You will have to find more ways than ever to think outside the box and grow your revenue while competing with so many other creative food entrepreneurs.

5. Easier Than a Restaurant

Perhaps your major goal is to start a brick and mortar restaurant in the big city. This is expensive just to get the business started, and you’ll also have large overhead costs. 

A food truck provides you a test run to show people what kind of dishes you specialize in. You can then take these earnings, and use it to build capital to start a brick and mortar location. 

Best of all, you’ll already have a built-in customer base. 

Big City Food Truck Pros and Cons

These food truck pros and cons can let you know where you stand when you’re thinking of setting up shop in the big city. Running a food truck is a labor of love, so always do your research and be informed in order to make the right decisions for your business.

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