These Recently Sold Food Trucks Prove Why Chefs Need To Go With Custom Concessions

Food Trucks

No one said entering the food truck industry and owning your own business on top of that was going to be easy, but it is completely worth it if you put everything you have into it.

With that in mind, the last thing you should be worrying about is your truck breaking down. That’s why you should buy a quality food truck from Custom Concessions rather than buying the cheapest mobile kitchen you can find.

If you buy a cheap food truck, you will likely have to spend money fixing it up along the way. Not to mention, it could break down at any given moment if it has “cheap” written all over it. Plus, your business will be losing money every day your truck is in the shop.

Without further ado, here are some recently sold Custom Concessions food trucks. These food trucks alone prove why prospective chefs need to go with Custom Concessions — well, if said prospective chefs are in the market for a quality food truck.

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These Recently Sold Food Trucks Prove Why Chefs Need To Go With Custom Concessions


side view of orange food truck with graphic of a man dressed in vintage suit and hat

Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill

green and yellow food truck with two service windows

La Rosa’s Family Pizzeria

side view of green food truck with graphic of pepperoni pizza

Gonza Tacos y Tequila

black food truck with day of the dead face

Cousins Subs

white food truck that says "Cousins Subs" in red

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If you would like to see more of our recent projects, then make sure to follow this link. If you are looking for food trucks for sale, then we also have you covered in that department. You can also start from scratch by requesting a custom quote here.

Custom Concessions is your one-stop shop for food trucks and concession trailers. If you are looking to enter the food truck industry with a high-end product — you know, one that you can rely on from Day 1 — then you would be doing yourself a huge favor by purchasing your mobile kitchen from Custom Concessions.

Don’t make the mistake of going with a cheap food truck from an unreliable company. The last thing you want to worry about is your truck breaking down, or not running how it should be running in general.

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Now is the perfect time to enter the mobile kitchen industry. Not only is it booming right now (just take a look at places like Los Angeles to figure that one out), but it is the perfect way for you to make your dream of becoming a chef come true.

Everyone deserves to be happy, and part of that is following your dreams. So, start writing that all-star business plan, get the necessary funds to buy a food truck and then join this wonderful industry.

Good luck, future mobile kitchen owners!

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