What Makes Step Vans So Popular as Food Trucks?

photo of a white food truck parked in grass in front of a warehouse

So, you want to start a food truck business, and you’ve heard others talk about step vans, but what are they?

Also called “multi-stop trucks,” Chevrolet was the first to refer to them as “step vans,” which is the most widely-used term today. These trucks are most often seen delivering packages, baked goods, snacks, and the like. 

Step vans are a fantastic option for a mobile food truck. They’re tall enough to allow you to stand and move around in, and you have ample space for essential equipment. Since they’re usually only a couple steps up, they sit low and are easy to enter and exit. 

Keep reading to learn more about step vans and whether one is the right fit for your food truck business. 

Why Step Vans Are a Perfect Fit for Foodservice

1. Proven Track Record

Step vans and foodservice have a long history together. 

Since the 1930s, they’ve been used as forward-control food trucks to deliver milk and baked goods. Today, many entrepreneurs turn them into food trucks that offer everything from classic ice cream to gourmet dishes. Mobile food trucks are a significant trend across the US.  

In 2015, the food truck industry was valued at nearly $857 million

2. Ample Space to Work

If you’re in the foodservice industry already, you know that having space to move around and work is paramount, especially when there’s more than one person in the kitchen. Step vans offer quick passage and sufficient storage options.

Having the room for more equipment means you can get specialty appliances such as pizza ovens or espresso machines to help take your truck to the next level.

3. Customization

Step vans are also highly-customizable, allowing you to maximize efficiency and stand out. You can experiment with accessories such as TVs, security systems, speakers, retractable awnings, service stations, and more.

Size is another important thing to consider. With step vans ranging in length from 12 to 30 feet, there is a large range of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you’re operating a small ice cream truck or a massive stadium food truck, you can find a step van to meet your needs.

4. Mobility

With a mobile food truck, you can take your business to the customers. You can travel to events and festivals, as well as go on tours for higher earning potential. Explore new markets easily by packing up and driving to the next area of interest, as long as you’ve got the proper permits first. 

You can do all of this and more without committing to the substantial investment involved in purchasing and maintaining a brick-and-mortar establishment. 

Financing a Food Truck

While it may not cost as much as opening a restaurant on a street corner, starting a food truck business is still a business, and will require some investment to get started. 

Finance your food truck through investors, use your savings, or search for business loans to meet your needs. Just be sure to create a business plan, as it’s an essential document required to apply for the various types of loans available.

Where Will Your New Food Truck Take You?

With a fully-capable, customizable, mobile kitchen you can take your business anywhere! 

If you’ve on a step van for your food truck, you’ve just opened up the opportunity for extraordinary earning potential. Take your new food truck to festivals, events, and new street corners throughout your community.

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